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The Best Heating Systems for You

There are so many different heating systems available on the market today that even thinking about new installation for your home can make your head swim. However, we’re here to help: we’ve outlined the top heating systems for Hammond, LA homes. To help you further narrow down your choices, call our heating experts at A–Professional Heating and Air Conditioning.


Furnaces are the old warhorses of the heating world, existing in some form since humans first moved into cities. Modern furnaces come in numerous styles that use a variety of heat sources, so there’s almost always a furnace that’s right for your home. Natural gas-powered furnaces are particularly energy-efficienct and effective at providing whatever level of heat you need.

Heat Pumps

The climate in Hammond is well-suited for a heat pump, an electrically-powered system that is essentially and air conditioner that can reverse the direction it moves heat so it brings heat inside your home. The major advantage of a heat pump is that it works as both an AC and a heater, so you’re covered for a whole year with a single unit. Heat pumps also have high energy-efficiency in heating mode because they use electricity to power the mechanics that move heat, not to directly generate heat as in an electric furnace.

Ductless Mini Split Heat Pumps

This system uses the same method of providing heat as a heat pump: the difference is its delivery system. As the name implies, ductless mini split heat pumps do not require ductwork. Instead, they use multiple blower units mounted on walls throughout a home to push the conditioned air directly into the rooms. This saves money on duct cleaning and repairs, and also gives you control over which rooms receive heating/cooling.


Wait… what? A fireplace is only cosmetic, right? No, not necessarily. Although we don’t advise that you have a fireplace as your sole heating system, an efficient gas log or electric insert, or a pellet stove, can provide large levels of heat to a specific place in the home that can take some of the stress off your other systems. And, of course, they come with the benefit of coziness.

All of these heating systems require professional installation, so make the wise move and have the installers involved from the start of choosing a heater. An HVAC expert can determine your home’s particular needs for proper heating, and then match you with the right system to give you the best comfort possible. After that, the installation experts will put in your new system and you’ll be enjoying quality heat in no time at all.

Make your call about which of these heating systems in Hammond, LA will work for you to A–Professional Heating and Air Conditioning. We combine the service of a large company with the personal touch of a small one.

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