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Things to Consider with a New Heater

So you’ve decided to get a new heating system. Congratulations! If your old system isn’t doing the job anymore, you’ll be surprised at how much of a difference a new one makes, not only in terms of household comfort, but in terms of keeping your monthly heating bills under control. A good professional service here in Hammond, LA can install a new heater for you with efficiency and pride, as well as answering the countless questions and considerations you need to evaluate before scheduling the actual installation. Here are a few for you to think about.

Look for a Higher AFUE Rating

AFUE stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency, and it measures how much bang your heater gets for your buck. The higher the rating, the more efficiently it uses its energy. This isn’t the same as more power, since “bigger” furnaces may be much less efficient than “smaller” ones. Rather, it’s a good gauge for how much money your system will save in comparison to other systems of the same size. You should always purchase a new heater with a higher AFUE rating than your current one.

Size Matters

Speaking of size, it’s vitally important that your new heater follow the Goldilocks Rule: neither too big nor too small but just right. If it’s underpowered, it won’t do the job. If it’s overpowered, it will heat your home too fast, and engage in short-cycling (turning on and off too rapidly), which wears it out very quickly and costs you a great deal in wasted energy. A trained technician will be able to perform an audit on your home and determine the precise power levels for your heater based on square footage, sunlight exposure and similar factors unique to your home.

For more help with installing and preparing to install a new heater, call the experts at A Professional Heating and Air today!

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