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Ways to Lower Your Heating Costs

dollar-signs-chimneyHaving a heater in the middle of winter sure is nice, but looking at huge heating bill isn’t! After installing your heater, it’s all about getting the most out of it with the lowest possible cost. But unfortunately, many people are running their heaters at less-than-amazing efficiency. But luckily they can change that by adopting some new habits or with the help of a few HVAC services.

Here’s what you can do to start lowering your monthly operational heating costs:

Make Sure the Heat Stays Inside

First thing’s first: make sure you’re not wasting any of your heat. Keep all windows and doors to the outside shut when you’re using your heater.

Letting the cold air intermingle with the inside air will only force your heater to work longer than necessary, thus driving up costs.

Learn Thermostat Discipline

Your efficiency can also greatly benefit from showing more restraint on the thermostat. recommends setting the thermostat to a temperature as close to the outdoor temperature as possible. Once you’ve found a temperature you can settle on, try not to change it too much.

You can also lower the temperature even further at night. The ideal room temperature at bedtime should be between 60 and 67 degrees.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Thermostat discipline can be made much easier when recruiting the help of a wireless or smart thermostat. These state-of-the-art thermostats can be programmed to stick to a specific heating schedule. Not just that, but they can make adjustments to the schedule on a number of factors: how many people are in the house, in accordance with your preferred temperature settings, and more.

Use the Ceiling Fan in Reverse

We’re not just saying that because it’s the opposite of running a ceiling fan in the summer. There’s actually compelling logic behind this act.

Warm air tends to stick around the ceiling, so by using the ceiling fan in reverse, you’re able to break up that air and disperse it more evenly through the room. The difference is significant enough that you can knock the thermostat back a couple degrees.

Have the Ducts Tested and Sealed

Your furnace will use a series of ducts to transport warm air through the home. The ducts must retain a tight seal if they’re to transport that air without any air loss. Unfortunately, time can wear down the ducts, and they may develop leaks or disconnects.

These leaks will contribute to significant loss of energy. If it has been a few years since installing your heater, there’s a strong chance the ducts will need some work.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Short of getting heating repair in Walker, LA, the biggest boost to your energy efficiency will come from getting regularly scheduled maintenance. Incremental damage to your system over time will force the furnace to work harder than usual, and that correlates directly with efficiency. Annual maintenance will remove a big load from the shoulders of your heater.

A thorough inspection of your heater can reveal all the opportunities for potential savings. Contact Professional Heating & Air today to schedule a service.


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