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When Should I Consider a Ductless Mini Split System?

Here in Hammond, LA, most of us rely on forced-air furnaces and air conditioners, which utilize a centralized format. In other words, they generate their hot or cool air in a single place, then blow it through your whole house with a series of ducts. It’s a very efficient method and it makes a lot of sense in places with mild winters like ours. But in some cases, you might want to think about another option: a ductless mini-split system. This divides your home into individual sections – usually by room though not always – and provides a single heat/cooling unit to work for that section. It costs more to install, but provides a number of benefits, which can influence your decision to have a set put in. When should you consider a ductless mini-split system? Here’s a few pointers to help make that decision.

Your Home Can’t Support Ducts

Many older homes don’t have the structure to support a comprehensive duct system: often because the crawlspace in the walls is too narrow, but not always. If a duct system is too clumsy or unwieldy, the simple set-up of a ductless mini-split system makes the perfect way to resolve the issue.

You Have a Large Home and Want to Save on Monthly Energy Bills

Heating and cooling a large house with a centralized system can be very inefficient and often costs you more money than it should. One of the benefits of a ductless system, however, is that you can turn off the heat or air conditioning in parts of the home you aren’t using, which can cut down on those bills considerably.

You Like Tailoring the Temperature

If you prefer the temperature to be at one setting, and another family member likes it at another setting, a ductless mini split system provides the perfect solution, allowing you each to enjoy the temperatures you like in different rooms at the same time.

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