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Which is Better: Gas or Oil Systems?

For many years, oil was one of the main fuel sources people used to power their heating systems: boilers and furnaces often ran from a supply of oil. Today, oil has lost ground to natural gas that is piped into homes through lines from a municipal supply. The most popular furnace and boiler models today are powered by natural gas.

Is natural gas the superior option? We definitely think so, and we’ll explain in this post the benefits of natural gas over oil when it comes to heating in Hammond, LA. For more about installing a natural gas heater in your home, or if you need repairs or maintenance, call A–Professional Heating and Air Conditioning… any time of the day or night.

The advantages of natural gas

  • Easy access: Natural gas comes directly into homes through pipes. You can run out of your oil supply and need to wait for delivery before you get your heating back, but you always have natural gas ready whenever you need it.
  • Less expensive: Natural gas is not only less expensive than oil, it’s often less expensive than electricity. Comparison studies have shown that it can cost up to three times more to heat a home during the winter with oil than with electricity.
  • Useful in other parts of your home: Natural gas is useful throughout a house, not just for a heating system. It can power stoves and ovens, and even some laundry machines.
  • Better for the environment: Natural gas burns “cleaner” than most fossil fuels, which means it produces fewer emissions that are toxic for the environment. And this works locally as well as globally: there’s none of the soot that burning oil can leave behind.

There is only major disadvantage with natural gas: you need to have a connection to a municipal supply. If you don’t have access to natural gas, then propane or electric furnaces (or a heat pump) are perhaps the best route to go for heating. Electricity is always available, although propane furnaces can often reach higher levels of heat. Consult with home comfort experts for your best option.

When you are researching choices for heating systems in Hammond, LA, have professionals working with you from the beginning. A–Professional Heating and Air Conditioning has a staff of heating experts who will know the right system for keeping your house warm this winter and for many winters in the future. Contact us today to get started.

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