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You Might Need Heater Replacement Soon

Heaters are designed to provide the entire home with heat for many seasons. This is absolutely true, and we would say that anyone with a heater that can’t meet this demand needs to call us for support. Though, one thing we hear often is homeowners trying to get their old and outdated heaters to continue working long after they’ve passed their serviceable lifespan. This is a big problem that we’re looking to address today.

Forced air heating systems, like heat pumps or furnaces, are only supposed to reasonably last from 10-15 years before they’ll start running up your bill and causing you problems. When evaluating your home HVAC in Hammond, LA, we want you to pay attention to the following signs that you might need to replace your heating system.

Don’t worry! Our team will be with you every step of the way.

Signs That Your Heater Needs to Be Replaced

These specific signs are things you might notice when your heater has reached the end of its lifespan. The big difference between repair and replacement is the long-term benefits weigh against the costs. If repairs are going to give you better long-term benefits, then we would advise you to invest in those. However, that’s not always going to be the case and we’ll describe below why that might happen.

  • Old age and outdated components. When a heating system has reached beyond 10-15 years of age, it’s going to dramatically start reducing its ability to run efficiently. Not only will efficiency levels wane, but components will start to fall apart after this much usage. It’s a good idea to look into replacement at this point.
  • Frequent repairs and constant issues. If your heating system requires frequent repairs, then you might not be getting the most out of it. For instance, yearly repairs or even repairs required multiple times per year will cost you more in the long term than a replacement heater.
  • One expensive repair that costs too much. Here’s a good rule, if a heating repair costs more than half the cost of a replacement system, then we strongly advise that you replace the unit.
  • Poor comfort control. A heating system needs to be able to provide proper heating throughout your home. This is going to depend on your heating preferences. If you’re seeing a decline in heating power, then you should absolutely investigate replacing your heating system for the future.
  • No airflow. Every heating system has some kind of mechanism that helps push heated air into your home. If you’re feeling a decline in airflow, this could be due to components that are reaching the end of their lifespan. Your blower motor, or the blower fan itself could be shutting down. This is a good reason to start thinking about replacing the system with one that can push heat into your home at a faster rate.

Don’t hesitate to call our team for an estimate on heating system repairs. We won’t charge you for exploring your option, and we think you’re being a responsible homeowner for looking into the future!

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