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3 Causes of Strange Noises with Your Air Conditioning

When you hear a sound coming from your AC, never ignore it – it most likely signals the development of a problem with your air conditioning system in Hammond. There are a lot of different reasons why and how your air conditioner can start making strange noises, but there are a few types of repairs that are fairly easy to identify simply by listening:

  • Hissing – a hissing sound can be indicative of two possible things: a refrigerant leak inside the air conditioning system or a leak coming from the compressor. Both will need to be repaired, preferably by a trained professional, as both these types of repairs typically get worse over time and may cause damage to your system.
  • Clunking or banging – a clunking or banging noise can indicate that something has come loose somewhere in the system, and many times this can be the fan or components of the fan, such as a fan blade. It’s important to repair a loose component quickly as it can cause damage to other parts of your air conditioner, particularly if it is hitting something during operation.
  • Screeching/Screaming sound – a screeching or screaming sound can be a big warning sign that the pressure inside your compressor is too high. This can be a dangerous situation, and requires that you turn off your air conditioner immediately and have it checked by a trained professional.

Normal Noises

There are normal operational noises that your air conditioner will make, so it’s good to know what these sounds are:

  • Whirring – as your AC begins a new cycle, you may hear it whirr; this is most likely from the fan beginning to spin and is not an issue.
  • Popping sound – every now and then you may hear a popping sound come through your air ducts; this is probably the metalwork in the ducts either expanding or contracting from the temperature
  • Thump at shut-off – when your air conditioner cycles down, it may create a small thumping noise; this is normal with many systems. If, however, you hear a number of thumps or consistent thumping, it may be time for a specialist to take a look.

Is Your AC Making Strange Noises? Give Us a Call

As the owner of your air conditioning system, you know what sounds normal and what doesn’t, and unfortunately, most strange noises coming from your air conditioner usually mean there’s a problem that needs to be fixed. Don’t ignore an abnormal noise coming from your AC, even if it still seems to be working fine. As soon as you start to hear something “off” with your air conditioning, call A-Professional Heating and Air Conditioning and schedule air conditioning service in Hammond with one of our experts to take a look.

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