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What Does a Technician Do During an Air Conditioning Maintenance Call?

Regular maintenance for your air conditioning system should be scheduled once per year. The best time to have the work done is during the spring before the summer heat and work crunch arrives—but it’s never too late to get started, and during the early summer is still a find time to have a skilled technician come to your home and inspect your AC, clean it, and provide the necessary adjustments and tune-ups that will make sure it works at top level for another year.

If you aren’t enrolled in a program for air conditioning maintenance in Hammond, LA yet, call up A–Professional Heating and Air Conditioning today. Our maintenance program will handle all your AC’s needs (and your heater’s as well for the winter) and provide other excellent benefits.

What You Can Expect During Air Conditioning Maintenance

A maintenance session for an air conditioner consists of a checklist of inspections and adjustments that cover all aspects of a cooling system. If the technician finds a specific issue that need works, he or she will either take care of it or arrange a repair session if it is too large to handle during maintenance.

Here are some of the basic steps that occur on each visit:

  • Check refrigerant level and pressure: The technician will see that your AC has sufficient refrigerant and that it is at the correct pressure so it will not damage the other components.
  • Electrical tests: To ensure that the system is not in danger of electrical malfunctions (the most common cause of AC repairs), the technician will check the volts and amps. This part of maintenance will also involve tightening electrical connections if necessary.
  • Clean the indoor and outdoor coils: To see that the air conditioner can properly absorb and release heat, the technician will clean any dirt, dust, and grime from the two coils.
  • Lubricate motors and other moving parts: This step is necessary to reduce the level of stress in the motors and other components that can lead to inefficient AC performance and eventual repair needs. The technician will pay specific attention to the compressor motor and moving parts, which are essential for cooling performance and which are expensive to replace should they fail.
  • Clear condensate lines: The condensate pans move the excess moisture from condensation, and the technicians will see that these lines are clear and no blockage is occurring.
  • Thermostat calibration: The thermostat must read the temperatures correctly in order to run the AC effectively. The technician will handle any recalibration needed in the unit.

There are more steps than this, but these are the major checks and adjustments that a professional will take care of to see that you have an AC working in its best shape.

A–Professional Heating and Air Conditioning offers air conditioning maintenance in Hammond, LA that comes with a 10% discount on parts and labor, 24-hour emergency service, priority customer scheduling, and $30 off service call charges. Make us your choice for AC service this summer and every summer after.

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