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3 Common Problems with Air Conditioner Fans

Fans are an important part of your air conditioner’s system, particularly for the air flow and heat release process. Like other independent components of your air conditioning system, the fans can encounter problems, too, potentially leading to other issues with your system. Issues with your fans can have their own set of warning signs, something we’ve seen many times with air conditioning repairs in Covington. To help you pinpoint whether or not have an issue with one of your air conditioning system’s fans, our A-Professional Heating and Air Conditioning experts have put together some information for you on your AC’s fans.

Signs of Potential Fan Problems

Fans can be noisy when something is on the fritz. A couple of typical noises to look for might be:

  • A clunking sound – which can indicate a loose or bent fan blade hitting or banging the inside of your outdoor unit
  • A screeching sound – which can indicate a worn-out fan belt

Another symptom can come in the form of performance:

  • Decrease in air flow coming into your property
  • Warm air blowing into your property

Lastly you may have a problem with a fan if your air conditioner develops ice.

3 Most Common Fan Problems

Fans have several components, including wiring. Here are 3 of the more common problem areas when it comes to your air conditioner’s fans:

Motor Issues

Motors turn the fans’ blades, so if the motor of a fan is faulty, the fan won’t turn as needed. The fans’ motors are electric, and can fail due to burn out, overheating or problems with internal wiring. Typically this can be fixed by replacing the motor.

Electrical Problems

As we touched on above, each fan has its own motor; each motor is tied to your system’s electricity, but it also has wiring within it to make the motor run. Over time, wires can fray, become loose or disconnect; these things can cause the motor to run unevenly or not at all, possibly putting strain on your whole air conditioning system.

Problems with the Fan Blades

The blades on your fans are metal and can bend or break, particularly on the outdoor unit; they can also come loose from operation. If a blade is bent, it can hit other components around it as it spins, potentially causing damage. Loose and broken fan blades can be quite hazardous to your system, too, particularly if they disengage from the fan itself. Depending on what kind of shape they are in, bent, broken or loose fan blades may need to be replaced.

Don’t Ignore Fan Problems

The fans in your system are key components in the air flow and heat release/cooling process of your AC; if one of the fans is malfunctioning, it can cause a potentially bigger problem in your air conditioner down the road. Think you may have a fan problem? Call A-Professional Heating and Air Conditioning to help you with your air conditioning repair in Covington.

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