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Why Should I Consider Installing A Dehumidifier?

Louisiana is known for muggy summers, and anybody who has lived here for a year or more knows how unpleasant the weather can become when the humidity climbs over 60%. An air conditioning system can offer some relief from humidity, since the action of evaporation that ACs use to extract heat from the air also draws in moisture. However, this is not the primary function of air conditioning systems, and for the high humidity of Louisiana, they are rarely up to the task of providing relief from damp days. (Anything above 60% humidity is too much for an air conditioner to handle.)

This is why we at A–Professional Heating and Air Conditioning recommend that when you have air conditioning installation in Hammond, LA, you also add a dehumidifier to the system. There are many advantages to this choice beyond achieving superior comfort during the summer.

Adding a Dehumidifier?

A dedicated dehumidifier works something like a small air conditioner. A fan draws in humid air and then passes it through coils cooled with refrigerant, and the evaporation pulls moisture from the air along with the heat. The moisture drips into a reservoir, and a reheater restores the air to its initial temperature (this way a dehumidifier will not make the air from your AC too cold). The reservoir in most dehumidifiers removes the excess water through a drain. A humidistat gives you control over the amount of moisture the dehumidifier removes from the air.

Aside from making you feel more comfortable (the less moisture in the air, the easier it is for your body to lose heat through perspiration), a dehumidifier will help you save money because you will no longer need to run the AC as often.

Lowering the humidity in a house has a beneficial effect on health: high humidity is linked to respiratory troubles, and it also encourages the growth of mold and mildew that will have a negative impact on the air you breathe.

High levels of moisture will cause damage to furnishings, walls, and floors, so a dehumidifier will also do the job of protecting your home.

Look For Professional Installation

You should always have professionals for your air conditioning installation in Hammond, LA. Make sure you retain them to perform the dehumidifier installation as well. A dehumidifier must be sized correctly to work with your AC and neither dry out your home too much or leave it too damp.

A–Professional Heating and Air Conditioning has indoor air quality specialists who are ready to help you find the right system for your new AC installation. We also handle repair and maintenance to keep your new dehumidifier and air conditioner working in prime condition for many years.

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