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Signs of Compressor Problems in Your Air Conditioner

The core of an air conditioning system is the compressor. Although all the components in an AC are important for its operation, the compressor performs the function that sets in motion the cooling action of the whole system. Without it, an AC is nothing more than a large fan.

Compressor problems are therefore some of the most serious that can occur to an AC, and when they start you need to move fast to have the issues repaired. If professional repair technicians catch the problems in time, they can usually save the compressor. If the compressor burns out, however, it often means that the whole air conditioner must be replaced.

How can you tell there are compressor problems in your AC? Here’s a list of some of the warning signs. Call immediately for repairs for your air conditioner in Metairie, LA when these start up. You can reach A–Professional Heating and Air Conditioning any time of the day or night for these emergency repairs.

Groaning, grinding sounds

These sounds are indicators of some type of mechanical difficulty occurring inside the air conditioner, often with one of the motors. If these sounds come from the outdoor condenser cabinet—where the compressor is housed—there is a high chance that they come from the motor that runs the compressor. Have the motor either repaired or replaced before it stops running the compressor. The mechanical fault could be in the compressor itself, and this needs immediate attention.

Lowered cooling power

The compressor is what provides energy to the refrigerant, turning the chemical blend into a high-temperature, high-pressure gas to start the heat exchange cycle. If the compressor starts to fail, the cooling power of the AC will also begin to fail. If you notice a drop in cooling even though the fans seem to be working fine, you need technicians to look into the issue right away.

Hard starting

“Hard starting” is a condition where the compressor experiences trouble starting the heat exchange cycle when it receives the signal from the thermostat to turn on. The compressor will stutter as it starts up, then come on for a short time before prematurely shutting off again. This is probably due to electrical issues with the capacitors, but it will place strain on the compressor that could lead to serious damage. Technicians can attach a “hard start kit” to overcome this problem, or they may change the capacitors.

As we stated above, compressor troubles are nothing to ignore or take lightly. Call for the most skilled technicians you can find when you suspect a malfunctioning compressor.

At A–Professional Heating and Air Conditioning in Metairie, LA, we aim for 100% satisfaction on every job, and we can help to protect your compressor and your valuable summer cooling.

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