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Ways to Keep Your Air Conditioning Reliable This Summer

When the summer heat starts, your air conditioning will become as important to your daily comfort as your indoor plumbing and hot water. The same way that you expect water to come from a tap when you turn the handle, you expect your air conditioning to supply cooled air whenever it comes on. There are ways you can make you air conditioning as reliable as your home plumbing, and we’ll look at some of the important precautionary steps for this summer.

Just as you should always turn to professional plumbers for your pipes, you should always turn to professional AC technicians when you have trouble keeping cool. You can reach skilled experts at A–Professional Heating and Air Conditioning 24-hours a day when you need assistance with air conditioning in Metairie, LA.

Tips for Making Sure Your AC Keeps Working Well This Summer

  • Schedule Annual Maintenance: Air conditioners need to have a regular maintenance inspection and tune-up once a year, and if at all possible you should take care of it before the heavy summer heat arrives. This is the best way to shield your air conditioning from malfunctions, break downs, and inefficient performance. Maintenance does not take long with a skilled technician on the job, and the service pays back in years of reliable air conditioning.
  • Change The Air Filter Once A Month: One of the simplest mistakes that homeowners make with ACs—and perhaps the most common—is to neglect to change the air filter regularly during the cooling season. The air filter protects the interior of the AC from particles pulled in through the return vents. But should it become clogged, it will turn into a hindrance that cuts off air flow and forces the AC to overwork. Eventually, this may even cause icing across the coils, one of the worst problems an air conditioner can face. But if you change the filter once a month during the summer (or as long as you regularly use the AC) you should have few problems from it.
  • Avoid Overstressing The System: The more you run an air conditioner, the faster it wears down and risks repair needs. You can lower your AC use without sacrificing quality: instead of keeping the system turned down as low as possible, bump it up about 8°F (72°F is comfortable for most people). This change not only means an AC that isn’t running unnecessarily to reach a low temperature, it will also mean savings.

Start with AC maintenance right now with a call to A–Professional Heating and Air Conditioning. Our professional tune-up will ready your air conditioning system in Metairie, LA for the challenges of summer. Our skilled and experienced staff looks forward to helping your home stay cool.

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