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3 Signs of AC Inefficiency


AC inefficiency sounds like a boring topic for a blog post, but we assure you it is not. Every time you see the word “inefficiency,” just think of “money,” since any amount of problems that hinder the capability of your air conditioner will eventually cost you money. If you’re unconcerned about wasting your hard-earned cash on a system that’s consuming more energy than it should, well… you’ve got us beat!

For everyone else, keep reading. We’ve got some clear signs that might signal when your air conditioner is running inefficiently. These lists can be important since they can clue in homeowners who aren’t well-versed in their AC unit as to when it’s really struggling. If these issues are ignored, you’ll be calling for AC repair in Hammond, LA which will cost even more money than you’d like to spend.

Air conditioners might not speak English, but luckily for you, we speak air conditioner. Let us translate their complaints for you!

Keys to Efficiency

It’s a good idea to remember some of the following points to make sure that you’re aware when they occur. An inefficient air conditioner is just as bad as a broken AC, and sometimes even worse!

Increased Costs

You might not know how your AC works, but you do know how your energy bill works. It comes in the mail and you pay it, plain and simple. However, if you’ve been noticing your energy bills steadily increasing, especially if you aren’t using your AC any differently than you used to, this could be a clear signal that your system is having problems running inefficiently. A problem that harms the capability of your AC requires it to work harder to cool your home, which in turn sucks up more energy than normal. This is energy that you’re paying for!


We like to tell homeowners about short-cycling because its a common problem that is easy to notice when you’re paying attention. This is when your air conditioner runs over and over again while not completing a full cycle. There can usually be plenty of reasons for this kind of problem, but all of them need addressing and they all decrease the efficiency of your AC system. So, if you notice this problem occurring repeatedly, contact a professional technician as soon as possible.

Unusual Noises

Sometimes it doesn’t matter if you know anything about your air conditioner as long as you’ve got a good ear! Whether it’s a hissing, bubbling, screeching, grinding, or clicking, if you hear any noises that don’t sound good to you, contact a professional quickly. These problems can range anywhere from a refrigerant leak to an electrical failure, which absolutely impacts the efficiency of your air conditioner. AC units are supposed to run quietly and effectively, so if your system is noisy, chances are its got something wrong with the inside.

What’s the one, major takeaway from this blog post? None of these obstacles can be tackled on your own. Make sure you let a professional service technician know about any strange occurrences with your AC.

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