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4 Unique Noises Coming from Your Air Conditioner


We try to talk about things on this blog that matter to our customers and the people who live in our area. While talking about the scientific jargon of an air conditioner might be fun, so many people really want to know what’s happening to their specific air conditioner, and whether or not they’re in trouble. Many homeowners deal with faulty air conditioners that start showing symptoms that are displayed as noises they don’t understand. From banging to clanking, to even buzzing, these noises can be perplexing to a homeowner—but they should always warrant a visit by one of our professionals.

If you read this list of air conditioner noises that signal trouble and you recognize anything, you could need air conditioning repair in Covington, LA. Give our team a call for a responsible crew to perform sensible fixes.

No Noise Is a Good Noise

The statement that follows up is always something along the lines of, “Well, my air conditioner is making this noise but it probably means it’s working!” This is a huge misconception and couldn’t be further from the truth.

The only noise that your air conditioner should be making is a click when it turns on and the gentle sound of wooshing cooled air coming through your vents. Anything else that strikes your ears should be cause for concern. Air conditioners are built to be quiet, so perturbing sounds are not signs that it’s working correctly. That being said, what kinds of sounds should you look out for?


A banging noise usually means there’s some part that’s loose or broken within the interior of the air conditioner. As it bounces around, it will bang against other components, causing even more damage the longer it goes without being fixed.


As we mentioned earlier, a clicking sound when the system turns on or off should be normal to hear. However, if you’re constantly hearing that clicking noise, then you might be dealing with some sort of electrical issue. Your thermostat could be clicking from calibration errors or a frayed wire, or the panel to your system could be failing. Electrical issues are no joke, and require the work of professionals with proper training in order to be addressed properly.


Similarly to when your car starts to squeal, squealing noises can be a signal that there’s a blower wheel or a blower motor that’s gone bad, which normally isn’t too bad of a fix to have performed. However, much like all other noises you could hear in your AC, if the problem is left to persist, it could turn into a much worse and much more expensive issue.


A humming sound signals that there’s vibration in your air conditioner, which, if it has been maintained and kept in good condition, there shouldn’t be any of. Loose parts or your refrigerant line can begin vibrating against the interior of your system if it’s not maintained properly, or the humming could be a signal that there’s an electrical issue. Either way, this is something to be addressed.

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