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7 Reasons to Call for Heater Repair

We’re getting into the dead of winter, when heaters are most likely to fail and cause stressful problems at home. We’re not saying this to scare or alarm anyone, we’re only saying this to reinforce homeowners who are doing their best to keep their heaters working properly. If you need heating repair in Mandeville, LA, then be sure to call for professional help when needed.

Hold on, how are you supposed to even know that you need heater repair? Isn’t this a little complicated of a subject? Your heater might be making noises, but how do you know if they’re bad enough for a professional to check out?

Don’t worry, we’ll let you in on our experience in the field. Keep reading as we get into seven important reasons to call for heater repair this winter. If you recognize any of these, or feel the need to call us because of something else, we’re here!

Don’t Neglect Your Heater

No matter what type of heater you have, it’s always better to preemptively call for heater repair than it is to neglect or ignore it. For heat pumps and other electric heating systems, these could lead to a shortened lifespan over time, and for gas furnaces you could encounter a safety concern if you neglect the system. Pay attention to how your HVAC system is running and let us know if you’ve got any woes.

  1. Strange noises. Heaters are supposed to make only a few quiet noises when they turn on and off. The only thing you should realistically hear when your heater is working in your home, is the sound of air gently coming from the vents. Anything more, especially anything disconcerting, should signal the need for repairs.
  2. Weird smells. Aside from the smell at the beginning of the season of your furnace burning dust, any ongoing smells should be dealt with immediately. It could be the signal that there’s a gas leak coming from your system.
  3. Not enough heat. What’s the point of using a heating system if it’s not keeping your warm and cozy? Make sure your heater runs to your specific standards, and if it’s not, then call us. You could benefit from a smart thermostat upgrade, or a targeted repair that maximizes heat output.
  4. High heating bills. If you’re paying too much for your heat, then your heater isn’t working as intended. Call us to see if we can address the problem.
  5. Something just isn’t right. If there’s a combination of issues that are plaguing your system, or if it’s just not making you feel comfortable, then call us. Sometimes that intuition could be a sign that you’re onto something.
  6. Your heater is constantly on the fritz. A heater with reoccurring repair needs is often in dire need of help. We can be the professionals that get to the bottom of whatever’s been going wrong.
  7. It’s broken down completely. Oh no! Your heater broke down? We’ve got the equipment necessary to either get it back up and running, or figure out a replacement system. We’ll help get you through this winter with heat.

When you need it done right, call Professional Heating & Air!

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