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Why You Can’t Rely on Portable Generators

whole-house-generator-installed-on-side-of-houseThere’s a big misconception about the capability of portable generators. Mainly, that they’re not nearly as capable as people think they are. The reason for this could be due to the gap between portable generators and whole-house generators; the portable option sounds more affordable and “good enough” when you finally need it.

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. When it comes down to a true emergency, a whole-house generator will quickly be realized as a wise investment. Portable generators do have their uses, but they’re truly only for an as-needed basis. They simply can’t offer the same level of reliability and function that a whole-house generator can. Below are a few reasons why.

Risk of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

First off, we want to state this immediately for your safety: You should never run a portable generator indoors. Generators emit exhaust and will create a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

If your power goes down during a storm, you’ll most likely have to run your generator somewhere away from the weather, like in the garage or somewhere indoors. This creates a clear hazard for you and your family since it will lead to carbon monoxide entering the home. Don’t allow yourself the temptation of using a portable generator indoors simply because you don’t have a reliable whole-house generator instead.

They Don’t Generate Enough Power

Portable generators are useful in several situations, but almost all of them are short-lasting emergencies. They have no problem satisfying the needs of homeowners in parts of the nation without the threat of storms or continuous rainy weather. However, for somewhere like Louisiana, they simply won’t be able to do the job that’s needed of them.

At most, a portable generator is good for powering your lights or some necessary appliances, but you can’t expect to be anywhere near the quality of living you can expect with a whole-house generator. Combine that with a power outage that lasts for days, and you’ll quickly see that a portable generator simply doesn’t have the stamina or power to last you.

A whole-house generator will have no issue powering your lights, your appliances, and even your heating and air conditioning systems for days on end.

Requires Refueling

Portable generators can only last as long as the capacity of their fuel tanks.

Gasoline can go stale if left unused for some time. How many cans of gasoline do you have laying around that you can reliably depend on in the event of an emergency? Even if you are prepared, what happens when you run out?

What’s great about a whole-house generator is that they’re directly connected to the fuel source, usually a natural gas line. As long as you’ve been doing consistent maintenance and have some extra parts around, there’s really nothing to worry about by the time disaster strikes. You flip the ON switch and you’re ready to go.

Don’t risk your comfort on a portable heater. Contact Professional Heating & Air to learn how you can get started with a whole-house generator!

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