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Check Your Heating System Before Summer

heating-maintenance-sessionSpring comes early in our neck of the woods, even if the calendar says otherwise. Chances are, you’ve been running your air conditioning for a little while now, and your heating system is likely finished until next fall. That means now is a great time to get it checked for repairs. Not every problem with your heating system results in a shutdown, and it’s always better to treat a big issue while it’s still pretty small. Before too much time passes, it’s probably a good idea to get it serviced.

Why Now?

A servicing session resembles a tune-up for your car. It gives the technician a chance to look it over for any problems. Just like a car tune-up, it’s important to do so regularly. Will it hurt if you put it off for a month or two? Probably not, but the more time goes on, the more easily it is to get distracted by more immediate concerns. By the time you realize that you need it, there might well be a lot of damage to the system that could have been prevented.

Scheduling servicing for your heating system now means you won’t have to worry about it during the summer, when heating is the last thing on your mind. It also gives you plenty of flexibility in the event that work is needed on your heating system: letting you set the schedule any time that works for you instead of having to rush around when heating season gets closer. And perhaps most importantly, it lets you catch a huge number of issues before they cost you any more than is necessary.

What’s Involved in a Servicing Session?

The technician used the service session to check the entire system thoroughly for signs of any trouble. If that turns out to be something small, like a loose wires or worn fitting, it can be fixed immediately as part of the servicing session. That’s easily the most inexpensive way to prevent damage to your air conditioner: helping parts last longer without suffering as much wear and tear.

In the event more serious repairs are required, you’re still getting an early jump on them with a servicing session. Again, many repair issues don’t shut your system down. They just reduce its efficiency and make it harder for it to do its job. The added strain will eventually lead to a breakdown is the issue isn’t treated, and again, catching it early means less damage and a lower cost in most cases.

In fact, we recommend scheduling service sessions for your heater at least once a year. When applied regularly, over time, it reduces a huge amount of wear and tear. That in turn will lessen the cost and frequency of repairs later in the heating system’s life. In many cases, regular maintenance will even extend the lifespan of the heating system: delaying the cost of replacing it by months or even years in some cases.

To schedule a servicing session in your Livingston, LA home, call Professional Heating & Air today!

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