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Air Conditioning Service Helps Lower the Risk of Repairs

air-conditioning-maintenanceSummers come early and stay late in our neck of the woods, and when the temperatures start to rise, your air conditioner is as vital to your home as the electricity or the plumbing. Breakdowns, when they come, tend to arrive at the least opportune time, and often leave you scrambling to get the problem fixed in the midst of a dreadful heat wave.

Our team moves swiftly and can respond to repair calls very quickly when they’re needed. But we also believe that an ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure. An air conditioning service session now, before summer heat has really begun, can help lower the risk of repairs.

How Does It Work?

The best way to describe an air conditioning servicing session is a kind of tune-up: very similar to the kind you might conduct on your car. The technician gives your system a thorough going over, checking for any kind of problem big or small. In most cases, there are little issues that need to be taken care of: moving parts in need of lubricant, for example, or a filter in need of cleaning. In those cases, the technician can usually correct the issue as part of the servicing session.

In some cases, more extensive repairs are required: something that goes beyond the scope of simple maintenance. If the technician finds such a problem, you can schedule a formal repair session to take care of it at your leisure. Assuming the proper tools are available (and they often are), the repair session can even take place as soon as the servicing session is done.

Lower Risk of Repairs, and That’s Just the Start

Catching all of those little problems like clogged filters and loose bolts does wonders for your air conditioner’s efficiency. It means that the components that make it run won’t be subject to as much stress, and the chances of your system suffering a breakdown are reduced quite a bit. Assuming you do need repairs, a servicing session lets you get an early jump on it – before it has time to spread – and ensures that the problem is fixed well before you have serious need of the system.

In addition, servicing sessions help keep the cost of running your air conditioner in check. The improved efficiency means it won’t need as much energy to do its job, which will lower the monthly costs of running your system accordingly. In fact, when applied regularly over time, servicing sessions can even extend the life of your air conditioner, by months or even years in some cases.

Furthermore, regular servicing means that repairs tend to take place less frequently in the system’s life, and when they do occur, they tend to cost much less than they might otherwise. When you consider the cost and inconvenience of repair jobs – to say nothing of extending the life and use of an expensive-yet-vital component in your household.

For air conditioning service throughout the Covington, LA area, call on the friendly technicians at Professional Heating & Air today!

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