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Common Water Damage in Air Conditioners

Water damage has become a pertinent topic of conversation in the Covington, LA area in recent months, with our summer flooding and the news we’ve all seen of Hurricane Matthew in coming months. Our air conditioners are durable and long lasting around here, but water damage is a threat, especially in the face of flooding or even just leaks in the roof. But water damage to air conditioners can come from more than just flooding. Water in the wrong place can short out electrical components, increase friction in moving parts and increase corrosion throughout the system. Here’s a quick breakdown of the ways water can make life tough for your A/C.

  • Drain Pan Problems. The drain pan collects condensate as it forms from the cooling air and moves it out of the system via a┬áline. If the condensate becomes too high — always a possibility in places with humidity levels like ours — it can overwhelm the pan and leak out. Leaks can also be caused by clogs in the line or by misaligned pans. Some air conditioners have sensors that will shut the system off before this happens, but the AC still won’t work until the issue is addressed.
  • Frost on the Coils. Frost can form on the coils when they get dirty, when refrigerant levels run low or when problems arise in other parts of the system such as the compressor array. The frost usually melts when you turn the air conditioner off, which can create serious problems if it drips on electrical components. Never try to scrape the ice off of the coils. It won’t solve the problem and you could damage the coils in the process.

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