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The Differences Between Gas, Electric, and Wood Fireplaces

fireplaceWhen you hear the word “fireplace,” you may immediately think of a masonry firebox/hearth in which wood is burned. This is the classic setup, after all, and the wood-burning fireplace maintains its place as a popular option in homes throughout the area. However, burning wood in a traditional fireplace is not the only way in which to enjoy the benefits of a fireplace. And, for some, it is not theĀ ideal way in which to do so.

The other options to explore include freestanding wood stoves, electric fireplace inserts, and gas log inserts. And you know what? We can service them all! If you’re looking for service on your specific fireplace, or if you’re just interested in the benefits of other fuel sources, you’re in luck. Today, we’ll be taking a quick look at these options, and we’ll discuss the benefits that each has to offer. So give us a call when you decide that you’re ready for outstanding fireplace service in Hammond, LA.

Burning Wood: Comforting, but Messy!

Okay, so when you keep up with your cleaning and you have a properly functioning chimney, flue, etc., your house is not going to be filled with ash and smoke (and, if it is, you need professional service right away!). That being said, if you’re the owner of a wood fireplace, you know that it involves splitting and storing wood, the deliveries, cleaning out the fireplace, and more.

If you’ve discovered that all this work just isn’t worth it for you, there are some fine alternatives that still give you the same ambiance while also heating your home more efficiently, effectively and conveniently. You can use a freestanding wood stove, for instance, or you could have a stove or pellet stove installed in the existing firebox. A wood stove won’t prevent you from using wood, of course, and a pellet stove means you’ll have to use electricity. Make sure you work with a professional to choose the right fireplace for your needs.

Electric and Gas Inserts: The Pros and Cons

It really doesn’t get much simpler or more convenient than an electric fireplace insert. There’s no mess to clean up, they’re more efficient than ever before, and they can replicate the burning of wood quite effectively. However, you have to remember that electricity is a pretty expensive resource. If you’re looking for a designated heating system, as opposed to a fireplace experience, you may want to look elsewhere.

That brings us to the gas log option. A gas log fireplace insert makes use of the existing firebox, too. It doesn’t cost as much to run as an electric fireplace insert, because natural gas is, naturally, cheaper! It does require that you have access to a natural gas main, though, and this is not something that every homeowner has. Piping natural gas into one’s home is also not something that every homeowner will want to do. We recommend you get in touch with us if you have reservations, though, because a properly installed gas line and its hookups can operate very safely for many years.

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