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What We Wish Everyone Knew About Heaters


The fall season is here, but summer is still here for at least another month. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t start thinking about your heater. It’s been at least half a year since you last turned it on, after all—you want to make sure everything’s working.

We thought of the most commonly asked questions about heating—as well as some questions we wish were asked—and came up with some general tips that we think everyone should know about.

Keep an Eye on Your Furnace’s Heat Exchanger

The heater exchanger is the part of your furnace that actually heats the air. As you can imagine, that means it’s crucial to the furnace’s operation. With enough wear and tear, the heat exchanger can eventually crack.

While a heat exchanger is rated to last for 10 years, we highly recommend getting it checked every year. That’s because a damaged heat exchanger is a huge danger to you and your family. Cracked heat exchangers create carbon monoxide leaks, which can threaten the lives of everyone in the home.

On that note, you should also have a carbon monoxide detector just to be safe!

Heat Pumps Especially Need Maintenance

Some homeowners prefer to warm their homes with heat pumps. These devices operate as both air conditioners and heaters, capable of switching their function with the flick of a switch. While a heat pump doesn’t come with the same danger as a furnace, it’s important to remember that the wear-and-tear on these machines is increased.

Why? Simply because you’re using it for both seasons! Despite this fact, heat pumps will still last you over 15 years, but that’s only if you have it consistently checked and maintained. Annual or even biannual maintenance will help your heat pump last for ages.

Pay Attention to Your Thermostat

It’s not very common for thermostats to suddenly stop working, but it’s definitely a possibility. If your heater is ever underperforming (or possibly overperforming), checking the thermostat is always a good idea. The thermostat is the brain of the heater, meaning a malfunctioning heater could be due to miscommunication between them.

The thermostat could be broken, installed in a place that doesn’t accurately reflect the temperature of the home, or simply put on the wrong setting. Checking your thermostat could prevent you from making an unnecessary call for heating repair in Mandeville, LA.

Don’t Close Your Vents

Is it getting too hot in one of your rooms? Or maybe you just don’t want to waste energy on an unoccupied room. You might be tempted, then, to close the vent to that room. But don’t do it!

We know it sounds counter-intuitive, but closing the vents is actually damaging to your system. The potential damage and the increased energy usage will cost you more in the long-run. There are other methods to save on energy without having to compromise your system, just call and ask.

Need a quick tune-up before the cold season begins? Contact Professional Heating & Air today!

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