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Things You’ll Understand Only After Owning a Whole-House Generator

happy-familyFor those who are hesitant about installing a whole-house generator, they often think about all the time that might be spent not using it. It’s a funny paradox, because ideally, you don’t want to have to use it… Yet, not using it makes it feel like you’ve spent money unwisely.

But for those who have had the chance to use it, they’re completely relieved. And from their experiences, they’ve realized a few things:

They Don’t Have to Depend on the Electric Company

The worst part about a blackout is that your quality of life is completely in the hands of the city or the electric company. Instead, a whole-house generator means you don’t have to depend on them. This can make all the difference for you if:

  • You’re a Home Worker: If you or a family member do their work from home, a prolonged blackout can mean several days of lost income.
  • You Depend on Medical Equipment: Likewise, if a member of the home depends on medical equipment—for life support or simply to keep their medicine the correct temperature—a whole-house generator can go a long way in assuring their comfort.

There’s No Going Back to Portable Generators

After using a whole-house generator, going back to portable generators just seems silly. There’s a massive difference between the two. A whole-house generator will make you feel as if very little has changed in your household, while a portable generator makes you feel like your house has entered DEFCON 4.

Portable generators are just not suited to supplying your home with energy for long periods of time. Here’s why:

  • Their exhaust is deadly if operated indoors, so you need to run it outdoors. You’ll have several extension cords running through the home just to make up for it.
  • They simply don’t have enough power to fuel all of your appliances, so you’ll need to think strategically and decide which appliances deserve power, and for how long.
  • Portable generators have small tanks, so you’ll need to have several gallons of fuel at the ready. Standby generators can use separate diesel or propane fuel tanks, even if they aren’t using natural gas.

They Need to Be Maintained According to Schedule

There’s a huge fear for people with generators. Imagine waiting several months without any need for your generator. Then, one day, it hits—the big one. Whatever it is, you know you’ll need your generator for nearly a week. But why hasn’t the generator turned on? Something broke that could have easily been fixed. Now, you’re stuck with a useless generator and might not be able to get generator repair in Covington, LA in any reasonable time.

What could possibly go wrong with your generator before you need to use it?

  • Battery Related Problems: Just like a battery in a car, it needs to be working properly to get the engine up and running. Having the battery changed every two years is ideal, and having it looked over with every maintenance is pertinent.
  • Oil or Fuel Leak: If your generator isn’t connected to the natural gas line, then it most likely runs on a diesel engine. A fuel leak can leave your generator completely useless.
  • Sensor Failure: The RPM sensor detects the rotation of the engine. If the sensor isn’t working properly, it will prevent the generator from starting at all.

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