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Don’t Let Your Furnace Boom

A booming furnace is a bad thing to encounter. Don’t get us wrong, every heating system makes some kind of noise when it turns on and starts to heat your home. As air goes through your ductwork, the air ducts will expand and contract based on the temperature differential, and this can sometimes make noise. Noises aren’t inherently bad when you hear them in your home.

However, many noises are. We like to use the term “loud and uncomfortable noises” because that separates the good noises from the bad noises pretty clearly. If you encounter any loud or uncomfortable noises, like a booming sound, then you probably need heating repair in Covington, LA.

Based on how common this booming noise is when we get calls from homeowners, we’d like to spend today investigating how this noise comes up and what might be going on inside your furnace when it does.

The Gas Ignition Process

Before we get into why a booming furnace is bad, we need to talk about the ignition process. Since your gas furnace relies on the combustion of fuel to heat your home, ignition needs to be part of the process. Gas is injected into the ignition chamber where the ignition switch is turned on either electronically or through a pilot light. When the gas catches fire, it then ignites, burns, and heats your home properly.

It’s important to keep this process in your mind as we go forward. The problem with a booming furnace comes from issues with the ignition stage of the process, and it also lends to the reason why it can become a safety concern.

When Your Furnace Starts to Boom

Sometimes, soot, grime, dirt, and ash can build up on the ignition or gas injector of your furnace. This means that you’re not getting quick contact between the gas injection and the ignition. Instead, you’re having gas pool up inside this chamber until it is finally ignited after a few seconds.

This can lead to a miniaturized explosion taking place inside your gas furnace. This explosion is likely what you’re hearing when your furnace makes a booming noise, and it’s a problem for the following reasons.

Why This Is a Big Problem

First of all, a booming gas furnace is inefficient. Your system is meant to streamline the gas ignition to the point where it’s simple and effective. When your furnace is dirty to the point that it’s booming, this means it’s running inefficiently and has likely not seen a maintenance appointment in a while.

Also, a booming furnace could potentially cause a crack in your heat exchanger. This is the component that makes sure to keep the gas fumes, carbon monoxide, and smoke away from your indoor air. If this component cracks due to the small explosions occurring in your system, you could see a safety concern throughout your home.

Call for Repairs Today!

A booming furnace is nothing to scoff at. Even if it’s still working, or you think it’s working efficiently, we advise homeowners who are encountering this problem to call us ASAP for repairs.

Don’t forget—When you need it done right, call Professional Heating & Air!

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