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How Does Duct Sealing Help Air Conditioning?

Have you ever considered how important the ductwork in your home is for effective air conditioning? The ducts serve as the channel that transport the cooled air from in the indoor AC cabinet and distributes it through vents into the rooms. Problems with the integrity of the ducts, such as gaps and leaks, will have a negative impact on you air conditioning in multiple ways.

Because most of the ventilation system in your home is hidden behind walls and in ceilings, it’s difficult to tell if the ducts have developed air leaks that require sealing. Any time you notice a drop in air pressure, odd smells coming from the vents, hot spots in rooms, or an increase in your utility bills that you cannot account for, contact A–Professional Heating and Air Conditioning in Hammond, LA to investigate. If you have leaky air ducts, we will handle the sealing that will solve the problem.

How Duct Sealing Benefits Your Air Conditioner

The manufacturers of ductwork design them to keep an airtight seal from the air conditioner cabinet all the way to the vents. This maintains air pressure and maximizes airflow. Even a small leak will cause a significant drop in air pressure that will lead to reduced airflow from the vents. The lower the airflow, the poorer the AC will work at cooling down rooms. Effective sealing will keep your air conditioner providing the comfortable temperatures you want.

Leaks in ducts also cause an AC to work harder, since it must strain to reach its set temperature. Even a small set of breaches in ducts can cause an air conditioner to lose up to 30% of its efficiency. Keeping the ductwork airtight thanks to professional duct sealing will prevent your air conditioning bills from rising.

Finally, duct sealing helps to protect an air conditioner from damage and repair needs. Holes in ductwork usually open onto closed-in and dusty areas, such as the space between walls, and dust and dirt will start to enter the ventilation system through the gaps. This debris can easily enter the air conditioner’s cabinet, leading to dirty motors that will burn out and other expensive damages. When you call for professionals to seal up breaks in your ducts, you are helping to keep your air conditioner free from unnecessary repairs.

How Can I Take Care of Duct Sealing?

The best way to have your ducts sealed is to call for professionals. Trained technicians use special equipment to locate the air leaks, and then seal them using mastic and metallic tape. Do not attempt to seal the ducts on your own using “duct tape”: despite the name, duct tape is not for use on ducts and is ineffective at sealing them.

For the skilled services you need to keep your air conditioning working its best, call the team at A–Professional Heating and Air Conditioning. We offer duct sealing services in Hammond, LA.

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