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Now Is a Great Time to Install a Zone Control System

Winters aren’t exactly an Arctic wasteland here in Covington, LA, and our HVAC systems aren’t tested nearly as much this time of year as they are in the summer. Heating systems, while necessary for those cool winter nights, aren’t put under the same strain as air conditioning systems. That makes December an excellent time to look into any changes or upgrades to your system. You’ll have time to install it without worrying unduly about your HVAC system being out of commission, and can reap the benefits the moment the weather starts to change. 

Among the upgrades we provide are zone control systems, which provide a finer degree of control over your heating and air conditioning system, and can lower your monthly energy bills considerably. It uses a series of shutters placed in your HVAC’s ducts, to divide your home into sections. The temperature in each section can be controlled individually, allowing you to adjust the settings in one room without affecting the rest of the house. That provide a terrific luxury by letting different family members set different temperatures in different rooms. But that’s not the big advantage of the system.

Zone controls allow you to select which parts of the home you heat and cool and which can be left alone. By only running your HVAC system in parts of the home you’re occupying, you lower the stress and strain on your system: reducing monthly bills and the chances of a breakdown in equal measures. You’ll likely notice this most prominently during the summer time, but even now, when the weather is mild, it can help trim your monthly budget and ensure that your heating system doesn’t expend any more energy than it has to.

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