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Potential Problems with Your Outdoor Air Conditioning Unit

Most home air conditioners are “split” systems, which means that they consist of an indoor and outdoor unit. The indoor unit contains the evaporator coil that removes the heat from your house, and the blower fan to distribute the cooled air. The outdoor unit is often known as the condensers, and it contains the condenser coil, a fan, and the compressor.

The outdoor unit is built sturdy to withstand weather conditions, but sometimes it can suffer from repair needs that will require you call for work from Hammond, LA air conditioning professionals. You can trust to the technicians at A–Professional Heating and Air Conditioning, and they are available to help you 24 hours a day.

Some Issues You May Experience With the Condenser

  • Damage to the fan: The fan inside the condenser is responsible for drawing air across the refrigerant coil and causing it to release its heat to the outdoors. The fan also vents that heat out of the top of the condenser. Debris can sometimes enter the condenser and cause damage to the fan, leading to bent blades or a broken fan belt, and this will hamper the proper cooling operation of the system and could cause serious mechanical damage inside the condenser. Call for repairs as soon as you hear odd noises from the outdoor cabinet.
  • Compressor “seizing”: The compressor it the most important component in an AC: if it fails, there is no air conditioning—period. The compressor works in the fashion of a piston motor, and dust and dirt along the moving parts or a loss of lubrication can cause the compressor to become “tight,” and eventually seize up and stop working. This might even lead to compressor burnout, which is one of the most expensive repairs for an air conditioner possible. At the first side of the compressor encountering difficulties, call for professional repairs.
  • Leaking refrigerant: Refrigerant runs through the whole AC system, but leaks along the line are most likely to occur in the condenser, where the line connects to the compressor. Loss of refrigerant will cause the AC to lose its conditioning power, and the change in pressure throughout the cooling system will cause severe damage and lead to the compressor overheating. At the first sign of refrigerant loss (hissing sounds, ice on the evaporator coil, a drop in cooling), bring in trained technicians.

At A–Professional Heating and Air Conditioning, we take pride in how we deliver the quality service that customers would expect from a large company, but with the personal attention of a small business. Whatever issues you may encounter with your air conditioning system, you can trust our experienced and friendly staff to solve the troubles. Call A–Professional Heating and Air Conditioning for professional Hammond air conditioning service.

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