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Sounds You Don’t Want to Hear from Your AC


We’re in the thick of summer here in Louisiana and by now, you probably have a good idea of how it’s performing. Is it quietly humming along and doing its job of keeping your home and family in perfect comfort? Or is it being a noisy nuisance and your home comfort is suffering?

A struggling air conditioner will literally let you know when it’s suffering by making a variety of unusual noises. Let’s go over some of the sounds you don’t want to hear from your AC. That way, you’ll have an idea of what could be wrong and whether you need to call us for service. 

1. Rattling, Clanging, and Banging

These noises usually mean a screw is literally loose in your system. A single screw or bolt that’s loose will make a rattling noise as it bangs against other metal parts. Luckily, a few loose screws are an easy fix for a professional HVAC technician. However, it can also be an indicator of something more serious.

If the banging is fairly loud, there could be loose components that are being knocked around in the blower fan. The air handler or the fan blades themselves could be bent and knocking against something or even worse, the AC fan blade broke off entirely! Whatever is causing these noises, have them checked out by one of our professional technicians ASAP.

2. Whistling or Hissing

Your AC can make a whistling or hissing sound for the same reasons a human can: by pushing air through a tiny opening. A hissing or whistling sound that only lasts for a few seconds isn’t a problem. For example, a hissing sound could be caused by the refrigerant gas in the expansion valve.

But a persistent hissing or whistling sound could be a sign of a refrigerant leak. A refrigerant leak is a common issue with air conditioners and can happen at multiple places such as along the refrigerant lines or in the internal valve. 

Leaky internal valves will get worse if not fixed promptly and the hissing noise will become more noticeable and go on for longer. A refrigerant leak should be fixed as soon as possible. Not only is it hazardous to breathe in leaking refrigerant, but you’ll also notice your AC isn’t working properly. 

3. Clicking

This noise is normal if it occurs during start-up and shut-down but is a cause for concern at any other time. Clicking that’s worrisome is usually caused by defective electrical components such as the thermostat’s wiring

In a worst-case scenario, the clicking noise could be caused by a “hard starting” compressor. The compressor is a major component of your AC system that’s responsible for startup. If it’s the compressor, be forewarned that this is potentially an expensive repair. Clicking noises should be addressed right away. 

Working with a Professional means your home AC repair will be done right and will stay fixed. Our team will always treat your house with respect and leave it as clean as they found it.

When you need it done right contact Professional Heating & Air.

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