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What Are My Options for AC Installation?


Is your Louisiana home due for a new air conditioner? Perhaps it’s just not delivering the cooling power you need in our hot and muggy weather or even worse–it’s broken down completely and you’re faced with an expensive repair.

We understand that no homeowner looks forward to the day when their AC requires replacement. However, there is a silver lining to this cloud: you now have a lot more options for air conditioners than you did 10 years ago. 

When considering AC installation, you might be tempted to go with the cheapest version of the last system you bought. However, by spending a bit more and doing a little more research, you may find that there’s a different type of system that’s better suited to your needs. You can stop Googling “air conditioning installation near me” and find out your options right here and now.

Central Air Conditioning

Most Louisiana homeowners have a central air conditioner and it’s probably the kind that’s in your home right now. That’s because a central AC is considered the “gold standard” when it comes to cooling a home. 

If you’re determined to get a new central AC, it’ll help to know about recent advancements that have been made. You’ll need to choose an efficiency rating that is designated by SEER2 or the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. 

The higher the SEER2 rating, the more energy efficient it’ll be, but that also means these units are more expensive to purchase upfront. You’ll need to take into account the fact that a more energy-efficient air conditioner will cost you fewer energy bills the longer you have it. Consult us when choosing a SEER2 rating for your new central AC.

Ducted Heat Pumps

Some Louisiana homeowners believe that a heat pump cannot sufficiently cool down their homes in the summer. However, this is untrue. It helps to think of a heat pump as an air conditioner. They use the same technology, but the only difference is that a heat pump can switch modes to also provide heating. Heat pumps are a great option if you know that you will also need to replace your heater soon. Ducted heat pumps have a similar setup to a central AC with both an indoor and outdoor unit and also come in different SEER2 ratings.

Ductless Mini Splits

When a heat pump doesn’t use ducts, it’s a ductless mini split system. Although there are some ductless mini splits that only provide air conditioning, most are heat pumps that provide both heating and cooling.

Their setup is different from ducted heat pumps. There’s still an outdoor unit, but there are multiple inside units instead of just one. These individual units are called air handlers. They are mounted on the walls of the various rooms of your home. As you can imagine, this provides incredible customization of which rooms are cooled and heated.

When it comes to choosing a new AC, there are a lot of options that’ll restore your home to a cool oasis. Don’t hesitate to contact us about choosing the best system for your home.

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