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What are the Benefits of Modular Rooftop Commercial HVAC Units?

Business owners and office managers in Destrehan, LA have to keep their space cool, not only to help attract customers, but to keep employees comfortable and happy as they go about their jobs. A quality commercial HVAC system is an absolute necessity in our climate, but where do you put such a large system on your property? The answer can usually be found on the root, where modular HVAC units can be placed to do their jobs. There’s a lot of huge benefits to that kind of set-up, which any prudent business owner should keep in mind.

Easily Adjustable

Modular units mean that you can make adjustments based on the changing needs of your business – or new tenants if you’re managing a building – without having to uproot the entire system. You simply add or subtract new units to attain the desired power level. The rooftop placement makes them easy to access and change without disrupting the normal functions of your business, and the added space of the roof means that you can usually add as many units as you need.

Free Space

Space costs money and the bigger your commercial building, the more rent and utilities you’re charged. Placing HVAC units on the roof frees up space for more important things: workspace, storage and parking just to name a few. It helps you maximize your resources without skimping on a comfortable environment.

Less Noise Pollution

Industrial air conditioners and heaters make a lot of noise when they run, which can distract your workers from doing their job and make the space much less pleasant for customers. Placing the units on the roof eliminates the problem without skimping on heating and cooling potential.

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