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An Overheating Air Conditioner? It Could Happen!

It sounds like a paradox: your air conditioner, designed to keep things cool, runs into trouble when it overheats. But just like any other piece of complex machinery, stress and overwork could lead to certain components overheating, and all the cool air it generates won’t do a bit of good when that happens. Luckily, most air conditioners have an automatic shut-off system to prevent damage from such an occurrence, but that still leaves the issue to be resolved, and with temperatures already climbing here in Covington, LA, an overheating air conditioner could turn into a big problem very quickly. Here are a few potential causes of an air conditioner overheat for you to be aware of.

A Dirty Filter

Air conditioning filters screen out dust, pet hair and other debris in your air. When it becomes clogged, cool air can get to your home and your air conditioner will have to run longer in order to do its job. Eventually, key components like the fan motor will overheat and cause a shutdown. You should clean or replace your filter once a month, and take special care to do it now, before cooling season begins.

Low Refrigerant

Leaking refrigerant is a common problem at the end of a long winter, since mild leaks late in the summer can go unnoticed when you aren’t running your air conditioner. Like the clogged filter, they prevent your system to struggle to cool your home, resulting in a much longer running period and subsequent overheating.

A Dirty Condenser

The condenser coils are usually found in the outdoor portion of the unit: condensing the refrigerant and releasing heat from it to shift it from gaseous to liquid form. If the coils are dirty, that process is impeded, lowering the system’s efficiency and again creating an overheating problem.

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