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What Can Happen When You Ignore an AC Repair?

Ignoring an AC repair is a matter of time. Sure, if you encounter a strange noise in the middle of the night, you might just feel better shutting your AC off and going back to sleep–especially if you’ve got a long workday ahead of you. You don’t have to treat your AC like it’s a stovetop erupting in flame. AC repairs are way more nuanced, and it requires a bit of expectation setting before you call for repairs.

However, if you’ve been waiting weeks to see if you should call for professional air conditioning repair in Hammond, LA, then that might be too long. There is such a thing as waiting “too long” for AC repairs, as we’ll explore in this blog post. Sometimes, waiting too long can even lead to an early AC replacement, which nobody really wants.

Let’s talk about how long is “too long” to wait for AC repairs.

Our AC Repair Timeline

For homeowners who are wondering “how long is too long to wait for an AC repair?” Then you’ve come to the right place! Down below we’ve analyzed three specific time frames for scheduling AC repairs. We’ll talk about what can go wrong in those timeframes and why we stand by our idea that earlier is always better than late!

A Few Days or Weeks

If you’re waiting a few days or weeks to get ready for an AC repair, then depending on the issue at hand, you might notice a slight decrease in efficiency or effectiveness. Unless you’ve got a catastrophic problem that’s months in the making, you should still be fine and your air conditioner will likely still work fine after it gets fixed.

When you call our team to schedule an appointment in the next few days or weeks, make sure you tell us about the problem at hand. We’ll be able to talk about the urgency of the problem and whether or not you’ll be alright.

A Few Months of Neglect

This can get tricky. A few months of neglect can be a big problem for your air conditioner, and it’s one of the biggest reasons why an AC might fail in the middle of the summer. If you’ve left a problem alone in your air conditioner for a few months, then it could have seen one or two whole seasons where it’s been malfunctioning, which could mean that the problem has spread to other components and the unit is starting to wear down. You might even notice a drastic change in efficiency. Call our team for repairs before it’s too late.

Years of Neglect

If your AC has had a problem for years, then this is the worst-case scenario. It’s kind of amazing that your air conditioner has worked successfully this long and its days might be numbered at this point. These situations are where we see complete breakdowns happen frequently, and the need for system replacement rises. If your AC has had multiple unchecked problems for years, then we urge you to call our team for a consultation so we can thoroughly evaluate the condition of the system.

When you need it done right call Professional Heating & Air. 

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