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How Long Does an AC Last in Louisianna?

This might seem like a pretty simple question, but the answer is anything but! Our climate is ho and, humid, with relatively mild winters, which means we get a lot of usage out of our air conditioners. Just like with the mileage on a car, the more you use an air conditioner, the more it deals with wear and tear until it finally breaks down and needs to be replaced. The hope is that your AC can last 10 years at least until it starts to deteriorate beyond repair.

The truth is that your air conditioner might last a different amount of time than your neighbor’s depending on a lot of different factors. This blog post is dedicated to highlighting those factors and making sure customers in our area know what to pay attention to when evaluating the condition and lifespan of their air conditioning in Walker, LA.

Important Factors to Consider

We’ve mentioned AC replacement in previous blog posts, but they are more of a general idea when it comes to the longevity or lifespan of your air conditioner. When you start digging into specifics, there are actually some really important details that other AC owners throughout the country don’t have to worry about, where we do! Pay close attention as we go forward and make sure you keep in mind if your AC is struggling.

  • The climate of our area. Here in Louisianna, our temperatures are hotter and more humid than other areas of the country. Just like driving a car in a place with less public transportation and more roads, an air conditioner is going to have to work very hard in a warm climate. So, air conditioners in our neck of the woods tend to get worn down a lot faster than systems up north.
  • The usage of your air conditioner. Do you have a large family that requires you to run your air conditioner all the time? Or perhaps you’ve got an elderly mother staying with you and she needs temperatures to be cool and comfortable, even if they’re not your preferences? Well, this continued usage can wear on certain parts of the air conditioner and will shorten the lifespan depending on how heavily it’s used!
  • Thermostat settings and comfort preferences. How do you like to set your thermostat? The lower you set your thermostat, the harder an air conditioner has to work to provide your home with cool temperatures. Prolonged usage like this can lead to excessive wear and tear on a system.
  • Repair needs and maintenance. This is a big one that we can’t forget about. If you’ve neglected your air conditioner when it’s needed repairs, or you’ve skipped maintenance every other year, this is going to impact your AC’s condition heavily. Maintenance is required for an AC to effectively last its entire lifespan, so it’s important to take this measurement into account when figuring out how long your system might last.

Ready to invest in AC maintenance? Or perhaps you need a quick fix? When you need it done right call Professional Heating & Air. 

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