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What is ENERGY STAR and Why is it Important for my Air Conditioning?

You may have noticed the ENERGY STAR label printed on many products purchased for your home. Not every system gets this distinctive mark, however, so you may not be sure whether it is necessary to look for when purchasing a new air conditioning system. Finding an ENERGY STAR qualified system can help you save money and protect the environment, so we’ve put together a guide to this government-backed certification.

ENERGY STAR Qualified Products Help Protect the Environment

The ENERGY STAR label lets you know that you’ve chosen a system that is efficient enough to receive the approval of the US Environmental Protection Agency. In order to receive this distinguished label, air conditioners must meet a series of conditions including significantly low energy consumption. This helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants released into the air by home appliances, so ensuring that this label is present on your AC lets you know you’ve done something to benefit the earth.

ENERGY STAR Products Can Save You Money without Reduced Performance

ENERGY STAR air conditioners help you save a lot of money every month on your energy bills since many are over 15% more efficient than conventional models. And even though it seems as though an AC that costs less to run would not have the same features of other systems, ENERGY STAR labeled air conditioners must offer the performance and cooling power that customers want to earn the approval of the EPA.

ENERGY STAR Products Still Require Maintenance

Some people may think that installing an energy-efficient product is enough to maintain efficiency throughout the life of the system. However, any air conditioner needs maintenance to restore efficiency and keep costs low. If you choose an ENERGY STAR qualified product, you should continue to clean the air filter and schedule maintenance once a year.

Check the EnergyGuide label attached to all air conditioning systems in the U.S. to determine whether an air conditioner will save you money every month and help the environment. For air conditioning services in Hammond, call A–Professional Heating and Air Conditioning today!

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