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What Are the Benefits of Zone Control Systems?

What is “zone control”? It is a way of setting up the heating, air conditioning, and ventilation system in a home or business to divide the building into multiple “zones” that receive heating and cooling independent of each other. Without zone control, central air conditioning in a home will cool down the entire home when the air comes on. With zone control, only rooms that need cooling will receive it. Zone controls can be part of initial installation of an HVAC system, or specialists can retro-fit an existing system for zoning.

There are a number of important benefits that you will receive from installing a zone control system. To find out more about the zoning services we offer at A–Professional Heating and Air Conditioning, call us and speak to our specialists. They will give you the important details about how they can set up a zone control system for your home.

Reasons to Look Into Zone Control

  • Energy savings: Because you no longer have to cool down every single room in a house connected to the ventilation system when the AC kicks on, you only need to cool down the rooms that need it. As a result, you will conserve energy and save money on your utility bills. This is especially beneficial if you have a guest room that is frequently empty.
  • Personal temperature control: If you are used to arguments in your home between people with differing comfort needs (“This house is always too cold!” “No, it’s always too warm!”) then zone control is one of the answers. The different zones in a house have their own thermostats, so people can adjust the temperature in their area to suit their personal comfort level without affecting the rest of the home.
  • Temperatures to fit each room’s purpose: Your whole house doesn’t need the same level of cooling all the time. Some rooms benefit from warmer temperatures, such as rooms with few windows on the ground floor, or an infant’s room. Other rooms need cooler temperatures, like the kitchen, or a home gym, or a room where wine is stored. Zone control lets you adjust all the rooms so they are cooled “just right.”

When you contact A–Professional Heating and Air Conditioning for zone control installation service in Hammond, LA, you’ll also have a company to handle whatever repairs you may need for the new system, as well as regular maintenance. We can help with your whole HVAC system, and our technicians are ready around the clock with 24-hour emergency service.

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