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What’s That Smell Coming From Your AC?

If you’re confused by that title, then two things could be happening. The first thing is that your air conditioner doesn’t smell like anything, in which you’re probably at a blog post that’s not going to be much help. Or perhaps you’re one of the many homeowners with a bad smell permeating through your house, who don’t realize that this smell is coming from your air conditioner.

Yes, air conditioners can produce a foul odor for some very specific reasons. Before you ignore what we’re going to say and get to work on your system trying to find where that smell is coming from, remember that you could cause serious damage or void your unit’s warranty if you’re not careful. Leave this kind of work to the experts when it comes to HVAC in Covington, LA. We can get to the bottom of why your air conditioner smells this way and provide clear solutions to the problem!

The Dreaded “Dirty Sock Smell”

If you’re smelling some kind of odor that resembles “dirty socks” then it could absolutely be coming from your air handler or air conditioner. We can explain this down below.

The Condensate Line: Where It Starts

Every air conditioner produces condensation. As the air in your home cools, the water vapor begins to turn into liquid water and forms condensation. This is perfectly normal and your air conditioner is actually equipped to deal with this. The problem comes from when this condensate line gets clogged up.

A clogged condensate line is a lot like a clogged drain in your plumbing system. The water will sit in a dark and damp area which means mold is going to start growing. The mold and mildew eventually create that foul odor you associate with your air conditioner and that’s how we end up where we are!

The Problem with Mold and Mildew

Stagnant water causes mold and mildew. We know this. This is why your air conditioner is producing a sour smell. The problem lies with the fact that your air conditioner is most-likely helping spread mold spores which will allow it to grow in other areas of your home. The smell of mold is actually your nostril picking up on the mold spores in the air that are looking for a new home. Yuck!

Luckily, once your air conditioner’s condensate drain is cleared out by a trained professional, the odor should go away. However, that doesn’t deal with the issue of mold in your home entirely.

Invest in Something Extra

Sometimes mold can grow in your home regardless of the condition your air conditioner is in. That’s why we always suggest that homeowners invest in dehumidifier or UV air purifier. Dehumidifiers look to reduce the amount of moisture in the air so that mold can’t grow, and an air purifier specifically eliminates the mold spores that exist in the air. With these two systems and your air conditioner in good condition, you really won’t see any mold or mildew growth in your home.

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