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What’s the Difference between a Heat Pump and a Standard Air Conditioner?

Summers don’t come any hotter than they do in Hammond, LA, where the Deep South brings both high temperatures and stifling humidity. Good air conditioning systems are an absolute necessity in such an environment, but you also need to ensure that your energy costs don’t run away with you in the process. Many local residents prefer to use a heat pump instead of a traditional air conditioner, since it is a strong money-saving alternative to home HVAC systems. But how does a heat pump work? More importantly, what’s the difference between a heat pump and a standard air conditioner? We’ve included a quick primer below.

The Same System Operating on the Same Principles

Both heat pumps and air conditioners rely on the same engineering principles to function. Refrigerant first moves into a condenser coil, usually located outside your house. The refrigerant condenses into liquid form, releasing heat into the outside air. From there, it moves inside your home to an evaporator coil, with shifts the liquid into gaseous form, pulling heat from the air as it does so. The cool air can then be blown into your house with a fan, while the gas then returns to the compressor coil to start the process anew.

Heat Pumps Reverse the Cycle

Unlike air conditioners, heat pumps can be “reversed” in the winter so that the outside coil serves as the evaporator (pulling heat from the outside air) and the inside coil serves as the condenser (releasing heat into your home). That means they can serve double duty as both a heater and an air conditioner, saving you money on installation and heating and cooling bills in the process.

Heat pumps work especially well in places with warm winters like Louisiana. If you think one might be right for you, then the experts at A-Professional Heating and Air Conditioning are standing by. We can help you select a unit that’s right for you, then perform the installation with courtesy and care!


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