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How Does My Air Conditioning System Work?

Air conditioners are one of the unsung heroes of your household, delivering cool comfortable air for a very reasonable price. Summers in Hammond, LA, would be insufferable without them, and yet we rarely pay attention to them until they suffer a breakdown. Anytime there’s trouble with your AC, you should call in a trained professional immediately, but it may help to understand how the system functions on the most basic level. That can help you spot signs of trouble more readily and respond to trouble sooner rather than later. “How does my air conditioning system work?” you ask. We’ve provided a quick outline below.

Cycling Refrigerant

The system starts with refrigerant chemicals – a particular mixture that can pull heat from the surrounding air when it shifts from liquid to gaseous form. The air conditioning system is basically set up to take advantage of that phenomenon. It starts when the refrigerant enters a compressor array – usually located outside your home – which subjects it to a great deal of heat and pressure. From there, it moves to a condenser, which bleeds off the heat and shifts the refrigerant from a gaseous to a liquid state. (These components are located outside to that they can safely disperse the outside air.)

From Liquid to Gas

Now in a liquid state and still under a great deal of pressure, the gas moves through an expansion valve, which releases a set amount into the evaporator coils. Once in the coils, the liquid shifts back to a gaseous state, pulling heat from the surrounding air in the process. The cool air can then be blown through the ducts in your home with a fan, cooling the air. The gas then returns to the compressor array to start the cycle again.

If you’re experiencing problems with your air conditioner, or you’d like to install a new one and want to discuss your options, then give A-Professional Heating and Air Conditioning a call today!

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