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Zone Control Systems or Centralized Systems?

Our summers come full of heat and humidity in Hammond, LA, and you need a reliable air conditioner if you want to survive the high temperatures in comfort and style. While most people think of air conditioners as centralized units blowing air throughout the home via a series of ducts, there are other options available. Zone control systems, which divide your home into separate sections via a series of vales and coils, make an attractive addition to a standard air conditioning system, and offer a number of benefits for those who choose to install them. It does, however, represent a significant up-front cost, and before you invest you need to know that such a system is right for you. Zone control systems or centralized systems? Here are a few factors to consider when making your decision.

Is your space large enough?

Zone control systems do the most good in larger homes that coast a great deal to cool. By dividing the house into different sections, you can control where you run the AC and where you turn it off. In a big home, that can save you a great deal of money, since you only need cool the parts of the house you’re occupying. For a smaller house with just a few rooms, however, the extra control might not justify the cost.

Are “temperature battles” a problem?

Some families are fine with the same uniform temperature throughout the house. Others, however, may have different preferences: the husband who likes things a few degrees warmer than the wife, for instance, or the family cook who likes to keep things cool in the kitchen while another family member wants things a little warmer while reading in the other room. If squabbles over the thermostat are a regular feature in your household, a zone control system can solve that. Families with the same temperature preferences, however, may want to stick with a regular centralized system.

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