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Why Your Air Conditioning Systems Has Ice on It

Air conditioners are a type of refrigeration system: using the action of a compressor to circulate refrigerant, they remove heat from one location to lower the temperature, and then exhaust the heat elsewhere. You may, at some point, notice ice developing along the inside of your air conditioner. Considering the chilled air coming from the system, this might seem like a normal side-effect of how an AC operates.

However, as we’ll explain below, the development of ice on an air conditioner isn’t something you want to happen. But please don’t try to solve the problem by scraping the ice off. This won’t work! Instead, call A–Professional Heating and Air Conditioning and we’ll help you with the necessary air conditioning repair in Hammond, LA that will restore your system. We are on call 24 hours a day for your convenience.

The Reasons Ice May Develop on Your Air Conditioner

  • Low refrigerant: If the refrigerant lines in your air conditioner develop a leak and permit refrigerant to escape, it will often cause the evaporator coils to ice up. The reason this occurs is that the lower amount of refrigerant in the coils can no longer absorb enough heat to warm itself above freezing. The coils will remain cold and cause water moisture along them to turn to ice. This will further slow heat absorption, causing more ice to grow… and eventually you’ll have a solid block of ice over the AC coils and a system that won’t work at all. Repair technicians will need to seal the refrigerant leaks and restore the proper refrigerant charge for the air conditioner to work again.
  • Dirt and grime along the coils: If contamination has entered the air conditioner’s indoor cabinet, it can cause the coils to become dirty. This will limit their ability to absorb heat through evaporation, and the coils will start to freeze water vapor along their length. You must have professionals detach the coils, defrost them, then clean them.
  • Clogged air filter: An air filter that is too congested with dust and debris to allow sufficient warm air to enter the AC cabinet will cause the evaporator coils to stay too cold. Make sure that you change the filter once a month during the summer season when the air conditioner runs to avoid this problem.

At the first sign of ice on your AC, call for repairs. Our technicians at A–Professional Heating and Air Conditioning are ready around the clock to provide you with the professional air conditioning repair service in Hammond, LA that will find why the ice is appearing and fix it.

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