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Do I Have Other Air Conditioning Installation Options Than a Standard Split Unit?

The majority of homes use a split system central air conditioner to provide cool temperatures during the summer and other periods of warm weather. The “split” means that cooling system is divided into two separate units: an outdoor cabinet that contains the compressor and the condenser coils, and an indoor unit that contains the blower fan and the evaporator coils. The two units connect through power and refrigerant lines, and the indoor unit hooks to the ventilation system that distributes the cooled air throughout the home.

Aside from a small window unit, which is only effective for small homes or apartments, are there other options when it comes to a new air conditioning system aside from this old standard? There are, and we’ll look at a few of the choices for a new AC installation available today. Give A-Professional Heating and Air Conditioning a call today to learn more about your alternatives for air conditioning installation in Mandeville, LA.

Ductless Mini Split

This is an excellent choice for homeowners who want to combine the power of a central air conditioner with the point cooling of a window unit, bypassing the need for ductwork. Ductless mini splits still use an outdoor cabinet, but replace the single indoor cabinet with multiple small air handlers placed on the walls of the rooms. The mini air handlers send conditioned air directly into the living spaces without using ducts. Ductless mini splits offer increased energy efficiency and indoor air quality.

Zone Control Systems

Zone control is an improvement to central air conditioning that can either be part of a new installation or done as a retro-fit. Zone control systems permit you to manipulate temperatures separately in different areas of the house, and this allows for customized comfort for the rooms and the people in your home, as well as lowered energy bills.

Heat Pumps

Outwardly, there isn’t much different between a heat pump and a central split air conditioner. But there is a huge difference in their operation: a heat pump can also provide warmth as well as cooling. They make very energy efficient options for the mild winters in Southeast Louisiana.

What choices for central air conditioning are right for your home and family? You will need to talk to AC professionals, like our skilled team at A-Professional Heating and Air Conditioning, to make the right decision. We’re here to see that you receive the ideal comfort and savings from your new air conditioning installation in Mandeville, LA.

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