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Your AC’s Air Filter Is Important!

There’s a misconception going around our community that the air filter in your air conditioner is a luxury item. To elaborate, some people think that it’s just there to help filter contaminants from your indoor air to make breathing easier and to make your home feel more comfortable. While they’re not wrong, they’re also not right.

The air filter in your AC serves a very important role in the functionality of your system and the cooling process in general. While it absolutely helps with your home’s indoor air quality, it’s integral to the power of your HVAC in Covington, LA. Without a proper filter, you’d probably see a whole heap of problems develop based on indoor air contaminants and dirty coils.

Let us walk you through the intended purpose of these air filters, and why you should always clean them every one to three months.

The Real Purpose of an Air Filter

Let’s not beat around the bush. The real purpose of an air filter is to trap contaminants that would otherwise harm the interior components of your air conditioner. The evaporator coil is extremely sensitive, and dust could inhibit its ability to draw heat from the air and start the cooling process. Also, the more dust and debris that gets clogged up in the system, the less airflow there is and the less efficient your AC could become.

No matter how you look at it, dust and indoor debris do more damage to your AC than it does to your home’s air quality. You could see a broken-down air conditioner in a matter of months or a couple of years if there is no air filter to protect those sensitive components from contaminants in the air.

The Benefits of a Regularly Cleaned Air Filter

So, when you clean your air filter regularly, you can get some great bonuses that only come with a highly efficient and effective air conditioner.

  • Better airflow.
  • Less energy usage and a higher efficiency level.
  • Longer-lasting AC components.
  • Less likely your system breaks down.
  • Less likely to form ice on your coils.

The air filter in your AC is such a versatile component that it really helps with all of these things. It protects the components of your system, ensures high efficiency, and allows airflow through the system so things like ice don’t form on your AC’s coils. All you have to do is replace your air filter every 1-3 months and call our team when you need help.

Problems With Neglect

The biggest issue we run into with air filters isn’t something inherently bad about them, it’s how they’re treated. If you forget about your system’s air filter and don’t change it regularly, it will clog up and you’ll see poor performance all across the board. Your vents will have poor airflow, you’ll see an increase in your energy bill, and the chance that your system could break down will dramatically increase.

Do yourself and your comfort a favor and replace your air filter. If you need help, don’t worry! Our team can walk you through the process and even come to your home to help make sure everything gets done properly.

When you need it done right, call Professional Heating & Air!

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