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Your Thermostat, Your Heater, and You

Sometimes there’s a bit of a cycle we witness that goes on in the homes of our customers. At first, a customer has a problem with a heater that we then promptly fix. After that, there’s a problem with comfort levels, we try to pinpoint in the heater, only to find out that it’s a problem with the thermostat. Eventually, by the time the thermostat is upgraded, there’s a problem again with the heater. This cycle can happen over months, years, or even decades.

Today, we’d like to talk about why thermostats are so important to this cycle, in regards to heating in Mandeville, LA. Thermostats, just like heaters, have an important duty in your home’s comfort, and the moment you forget that you’ll run into an issue that you’d rather avoid.

So, how does your heater, your thermostat, and your comfort all work together seamlessly? Keep reading to find out!

What Your Thermostat Really Does

Thermostats aren’t just nifty appliances that are fun to press and make things hot or cold. While that’s why they might seem like when you see the image on the box, they’re much more complicated than that. Smart and Wi-Fi thermostats have the capability to be controlled from anywhere as long as you’ve got a smartphone connected to the internet. This means you can raise or lower the temperature while you’re not home, while you’re in bed, or to get ready for weather changes at unpredictable times.

Also, smart thermostats can start understanding your comfort trends. Let’s say when you get home from work, you want your home to be warm and cozy, but that same temperature is a little too hot for when you’re trying to sleep. This is achievable automatically with a smart thermostat since it will lower to a reasonable temperature during sleeping hours and raise to a comfy temperature when you get home. Experiment with what temperature settings are good for you!

Efficiency, and Saving Money

Thermostats can save or lose your money. If you’ve got an old analog thermostat or even a digital one with no Wi-Fi or smart capabilities, you could be losing money and causing your heating system to run inefficiently.

The trends that a smart thermostat can learn about your comfort preferences can lead to less energy or fuel being consumed by your heater. This is a month to month savings, which will grow as time goes on. Additionally, if your heater works less during hours where you don’t need it, you’re going to avoid some serious repairs that would otherwise come up from a stressed-out heating system.

Change the Way You Think!

Think of your thermostat as a component of your heating system, and in extension, a component of your home. The more out-of-date it is, the less you’re going to get out of all the systems that rely on it. No brand-new heater is going to work as effectively as it could if it isn’t paired with a powerful thermostat that can keep it running effectively and efficiently.

It’s time to upgrade your thermostat with Professional Heating & Air. Give us a call today. When you need it done right call Professional Heating & Air.

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