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Here’s What an AC Tune-Up Can Do for You


Let’s be honest, you’ve always thought that air conditioning maintenance was optional, right? After all, it’s advertised like that everywhere. You could join our maintenance program, but you don’t have to. We think this is false advertising and a norm that should be changed.

Air conditioning maintenance is optional in the same way that a check-up with the doctor every year is optional. It’s always a good idea and it can be vital in taking care of problems before they really start to cause damage. We want to change the way you think about air conditioning tune-ups in Livingston, LA. We want you to start thinking about this service like the mandatory one it is, rather than some optional service that doesn’t really matter.

We promise that after you hear about the benefits AC maintenance provides, you’ll be on the same page as us!

The Benefits of AC Maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance shouldn’t be optional when you’re serious about the lifespan, condition, and efficiency of your air conditioner. Take a look below at some of the reasons why maintenance can help you.

  • Less frequent repairs. When an air conditioner is maintained by a professional, it allows them to make minor fixes and adjustments when they come across something wrong. This can be an awesome little bonus for homeowners that don’t want to constantly call for professional repairs. Get the tiny repairs done during a maintenance appointment, far ahead of schedule!
  • Increased efficiency. It’s estimated that an air conditioner loses, on average, 5% of its efficiency every year it skips maintenance. This is every year, which means your air conditioner could lose an incredible amount of efficiency over just a few years of skipped maintenance. This equates to higher energy bills and a decline in your system’s ability to keep you comfortable.
  • Increased lifespan. Your system is meant to last 10-15 years maximum with yearly maintenance. If you think your air conditioner will last nearly that long without yearly maintenance, then we’ve got bad news for you. Investing in maintenance dramatically increases the lifespan of your air conditioner.
  • Convenience. Isn’t it obnoxious to have to call us constantly for air conditioning repairs, even when they’re minor? By signing up for yearly maintenance, you get to avoid those repair calls by having us address minor issues once a year automatically. You even get access to some sweet deals and discounts!
  • Peace of mind. It feels so much better to have your air conditioner taken care of by a team of professionals. These adjustments that occur during a maintenance visit are done for your comfort and peace of mind. Feel better with maintenance!

It’s Not Too Late

We usually recommend air conditioner maintenance for the springtime since it prepares your system for the summer ahead. However, if you missed scheduling maintenance earlier this year, it’s absolutely a good idea to get maintenance done now! It’s never too late in the year for air conditioner maintenance, and we are always available to help!

Call Professional Heating & Air for AC maintenance. When you need it done right, call Professional Heating & Air.

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