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Here’s Why You’ve Got to Change Out Your Air Filter

Be honest: how often do you change your air conditioning’s air filter? Once a year? Does your HVAC technician do it for you? Do you even know what the air filter does or why it’s important to change it?

Don’t feel too bad if you find yourself unable to answer these questions — many homeowners don’t quite know when to change out their air filters and why it’s so important. So below, we have provided the answer to these questions for you. All you have to do is keep reading to find out more!

What Does an Air Filter Do?

There is a lot of dirt, dust, and debris that circulates throughout your home and ultimately ends up in your system’s ductwork. Now, if all this debris were to enter the AC itself, you’d have some pretty serious problems on your hands.

The air filter’s job is to prevent dirt and debris from entering your air conditioner by trapping these contaminants as they blow through your ductwork system. Once it’s collected a significant amount of debris, it must be replaced.

Why You Need to Change It

There are a number of reasons why you should change out your air filter every 1-3 months during the summer season:

Better Efficiency

When your air filter becomes too clogged, your air conditioner must work much harder to do its job, since a dirty filter creates more airflow resistance than is normal. And, all this extra work will cause your energy bills to skyrocket, which is definitely not something you want!

Simply changing out your air filter every 1-3 months is a great way to keep your cooling costs to a minimum, saving you both time and money for the things you want to be doing!

Fewer Repairs

Because a clogged air filter forces your AC to work much harder than usual, there is an increased risk of wear and tear on the system. This leads to more operational problems and potentially a full system breakdown if you are not careful.

Changing out your air filter is quite an easy way to avoid the hassle of air conditioning repairs, so why not make it part of your summer routine?

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Though the primary purpose of the air filter is to protect your air conditioner, it does have some benefits when it comes to your indoor air quality. You see, when the filter becomes too clogged, air might get forced around it, allowing all that unfiltered air into your home!

If You Need Help, Call in a Pro

If you are unsure about changing the air filter yourself, you can always call a professional HVAC contractor in Ponchatoula, LA to help you out! Your technician will be happy to show you the ropes so hopefully one day you can do it yourself! So, what are you waiting for? The time to learn is now!

To schedule your air conditioning services, contact the team at Professional Heating & Air today!

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