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How to Spot a Duct Breach

If you have a centralized air conditioner, you’ll likely indeed to run it every day here in Hammond, LA. When problems arise, they need to be treated quickly, and not all of those problems are located in the air conditioner itself. If you have a centralized system, you rely on a series of ducts to get the cool air through your home. A breach in those ducts will pull the cool air out or mix unconditioned air in: forcing your system to work harder, raising your monthly bills and possible creating larger problems depending on the specifics. A good air conditioning repair service can seal the breaches in your ducts, but first you have to spot the problem. Here’s some easy ways of doing that.

  • Noises. Odd noises — especially ones that go away when you turn your air conditioner off — are usually a sign of trouble. With duct breaches, those noises will likely be localized at the duct. It will often be a hum or a groaning noise, but it won’t always be.
  • Cold Spots. If conditioned air is pouring out of the breach, and it blows against a wall, that wall will develop a cold spot. If you feel it, you should be able to spot exactly where the breach is and can point he technician in the right direction.
  • Warm Air. Warm air means air that has been mixed with unconditioned air pulled in from the breach, which makes the air coming out of affected ducts warmer than it should be.
  • Reduced Air Flow. If, on the other hand, conditioned air is being pulled out of the system the air flow from the affected ducts is likely to be lower than you’d expect.
  • Higher Bills. All of those issues added up to reduced efficiency for your air conditioner, which will manifest itself in higher bills every month.

Call A Professional Heating and Air to correct any duct breach issues.

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