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Late Summer Ways to Help Your Air Conditioner

Summers in Madisonville, LA always take a toll on your air conditioner, and with the dog days of August officially here, the need to keep it running every day is stronger than ever. But so too is the strain on the system already seeing daily use for months and with at least a few more weeks to go before temperatures finally drop off, your system is going to be put to the test. You can take some easy steps to ease that strain, with just a little effort and perhaps some help from a trained technician. 

Get It Serviced

A maintenance session should be conducted at least once a year and maybe twice, ideally at the beginning and end of cooling season. But if you haven’t had a maintenance session yet this year, now is the ideal time. It will improve efficiency and help lower bills, as well as spotting any serious problems that could bedevil you before Labor Day.

Use Your Thermostat

An upgrade of an older thermostat is ideal for shaving monthly energy costs: allowing you to program the system remotely and automatically adjusting for factors like high humidity and unexpected temperature spikes. Even if you keep an older thermostat, use the programming features to automatically turn it off at sunset, then open up the house and run the fans to keep cool.


Insulation keeps cool air in during the summer just as much as it keeps warm air out in the winter. Adding more insulation may be a bigger task than you had in mind, but look for little steps like weather stripping for cracks under the door, and lowering shades on western-facing windows when the sun comes in. You;’ll be surprised how much of a difference that makes in your bottom line.

Call A Professional Heating and Air to service your air conditioning system.


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