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Should I Consider a Ductless Mini-Split System?

If you’re in the market for a new air conditioning system, we know that you have to move quickly. The heat here in Walker, LA is brutal this time of year, and a replacement air conditioner may be your top priority. Depending upon your home, you might want to consider a ductless mini-split system in lieu of a traditional centralized air conditioning system. Why? There are a number of good reasons, though as always, the final decision is yours. Here’s a few facts to help you out.

How Ductless AC Works

As the title implies, ductless AC systems work without the use of traditional ducts. Instead, they use multiple stand-alone air conditioning units spaced at key points throughout your house. Each unit will cool just one portion of your house: typically a single room, but sometimes more or even less depending on your layout. Each unit has its own set of controls and can be turned on and off, and the temperature adjusted, independently of all the others.

The Benefits

Ductless systems tend to cost more than centralized systems, since you’re installing units all over the home. However, they can usually save you money by allowing you to run the air conditioner only in parts of the home you’re using. They also allow you to tailor individual temperatures in each room, avoiding family squabbles about the temperature. And of course, it eliminates the need for ducts, which some older homes may not be able to support.

Is It Right for Me?

That said, ductless air conditioners don’t work best for every home. Larger homes benefit from them more than smaller homes, for instance, and if you already have a centralized system in place, there may not be a need to simply abandon it in favor of a new one. But for the right home, a ductless system can make a huge difference.

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