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Air Purification Technology: How It Works


Air purifiers are important for many establishments and homes across the country. They’re used heavily in hospitals, restaurants, offices, and could be used in your very home! The trick is understanding how these systems work and the benefits that come with them.

Today we’re going to talk a bit about how both electric air cleaners and UV air purifiers work in removing harmful particles from your indoor air. These systems can be an important addition to your home’s HVAC system, and we’d like you to consider what you could get out of this kind of installation. An air purification system in Hammond, LA is complex, but it’s not so complex that you can’t learn a thing or two about air cleaning!

So, follow along and let us give you the details about air purification systems—how they work and why you might want one.

What We Offer

We install two types of air cleaners here in Hammond. The first would be electronic air cleaners, also known as ionization air purifiers. The second type would be a UV light purifier, or germicidal light air purifier, to be more specific. Let’s get into the details of each system and why they could work for your home.

Electronic Air Cleaners

These systems utilize an interesting method of cleaning your air. They release electrons that bind together with harmful particles in your air, like bacteria and dirt. Eventually these electrons, or ions, magnetically charge the particles and make them large enough to collect. So, the system draws them in using magnetization so that the particles can be collected on a little metal disc and cleaned at your leisure. Simple, right?

Electronic air cleaners are some of the most affordable and effective air cleaning systems on the market. It’s a good feeling when you clean the disc and actually get to see all of the harmful particles that were previously in your air!

UV Air Purifiers

These systems are some of the most powerful air cleaning systems in the world. They might not seem like much, but trust us when we say they can get the job done.

UV air purifiers are mounted in your air ducts. They’re basically a large ultraviolet light that can irradiate particles that come into your home via the air ducts. This radiation causes microbial organisms like bacteria, viruses, and mold spores to be eliminated which can render them harmless. Specifically, the UV light penetrates the cell membrane and causes the cell to be unable to reproduce. This handy process means that all organic particles that go through your air ducts will be unable to harm you!

The Benefits

While this information might be interesting, why does it matter to you? Well, having an air purifier installed in your home is a great way to fight against things like foul odors, sickness, and respiratory irritants. These systems take measurable steps to make your air cleaner and fresher, allowing you to live your life at home in peace!

If this sounds like a good idea to you, then please contact our professionals to have them correctly installed.

When you need it done right, call Professional Heating & Air!

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