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Watch Out for Cracked Heat Exchangers in Your Gas Furnace

Monday, March 5th, 2018

heating-maintenance-sessionMost homes in the area rely on forced-air furnaces for heat. They’re inexpensive and effective, which makes them an excellent fit for our short winters and comparatively mild heating needs. But they run into problems just like any other appliance, especially now, at the end of winter, when they’ve been running on a regular basis and are likely subjected to the pressures of wear and tear. Older furnaces, in particular, need to be watched carefully because fundamental components may begin to break down.

In particular, a cracked heat exchanger is a serious problem that may require a replacement furnace before you can safely heat your home again. It may also help explain why your system suddenly shuts off and can’t be turned on again. Here’s a quick breakdown of what it means when this problem appears.

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Alternative Forms of HVAC Systems You Should Consider

Monday, February 19th, 2018

ductless-mini-splitWe live in a part of the country with long, hot summers and very short winters. Household comfort is a vital part of life here, especially as winter turns to spring and the temperatures begin rising again. Most homes in the area rely on traditional heating and air conditioning systems: usually centralized systems that heat or cool the air in a single location, then blow it through the home with a series of ducts.

The system worse quite well, but it’s not the only kind of HVAC system out there. Depending upon the needs of your home, another one might be able to do the job much more effectively. Now is an excellent time to consider replacing an old HVAC system, when the weather is mild and you can go without it in the time it takes to install one. You may want to consider an alternative model like the ones detailed below.

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Get Your Gas Furnace Maintained Soon

Monday, January 8th, 2018

furnace-maintenance-sessionsMost heating systems in the area are gas furnaces, which are inexpensive and easy to keep running. They make a good fit for our warm weather and can provide reliable heat this time of year, when nighttime temperatures take a dip.  Unfortunately, because our weather is so hot most of the year, homeowners tend to focus on their air conditioning systems, leaving their gas furnaces to suffer from slow neglect. Repair issues have a way of cropping up without warning in such scenarios, leaving you scrambling to get the system fixed just when you need it the most.

We can provide timely repairs for your gas furnace when called upon to do so, but we also believe that an ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure. That means that furnace maintenance sessions make a better way of dealing with your heater’s problems than waiting for a breakdown and rushing around. Ideally, you should schedule one once a year, and if it’s been more than 12 months since you last one, now is an excellent time to make an appointment. Here’s a quick look at how it works. 

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Repair or Replace Your Old Heater?

Monday, November 13th, 2017

repair-or-replaceThe weather has been growing steadily cooler for many weeks now, and as fall turns to winter, prudent homeowners are using their heating system more and more often. If you have an older heating system that may be on its last legs, now is the time to determine that. When a problem crops up with such a system, is it worthwhile to repair it? Or would that money be better spent on a replacement heater?

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Labor Day Means It’s Time to Check Your Heater

Monday, September 4th, 2017

heating-maintenance-sessionLabor Day represents the unofficial end of summer, and while that doesn’t mean we’re ready to turn off our air conditioners just yet, it does mean that you’ll need your heating system before too much longer. We recommend heating maintenance sessions every fall to help that process out. Scheduling a session now helps your system get ready for another winter of use, as well as heading off potential trouble.

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Heat Pumps Make Great Options for Your Home

Monday, February 6th, 2017

Heating__mitsubishi_floor_console_heat_pumpOne of the benefits of living in places like Covington, LA is our mild winters, which tend to be warmer than they are further north and allow our residents’ heating systems some manner of relief from cold temperatures. But that doesn’t mean we can simply ignore the heating needs of our home, and while many of us rely on forced-air furnaces and similar systems, there’s an elegant solution tailor made for our environment: heat pumps.

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Now Is a Great Time to Install a Zone Control System

Monday, December 26th, 2016

Winters aren’t exactly an Arctic wasteland here in Covington, LA, and our HVAC systems aren’t tested nearly as much this time of year as they are in the summer. Heating systems, while necessary for those cool winter nights, aren’t put under the same strain as air conditioning systems. That makes December an excellent time to look into any changes or upgrades to your system. You’ll have time to install it without worrying unduly about your HVAC system being out of commission, and can reap the benefits the moment the weather starts to change. 

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Air Conditioning Tips for Thanksgiving

Monday, November 21st, 2016

We’re technically in the middle of fall, with winter on its way, and that means heating season. But the weather in Hammond, LA, rarely gets too cold, and even if things are cool, that equation changes when you have friends or family members only for the holidays. The body temperature of so many people in an enclosed space can elevate the temperature, as well as causing a number of other effects you should be aware of. The same holds true when you’re cooking a big meal in your kitchen: with high temperatures from the oven, the dishwasher and other appliances adding to the situation. You can avert these problems and help make your home comfortable for your holiday get-togethers with a few simple steps.

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How to Reduce Winter Heating Costs

Monday, November 14th, 2016

We don’t tend to worry a whole lot about heating costs here in Springfield, LA. Winters are short and mild here in the sultry South, and when compared with our sky-high air-conditioning bills, it can mean a much lower heating bill. But that also means you might still be paying more than you should for proper heating, and while an inefficient furnace or boiler won’t turn your home into a freezer, you shouldn’t have to pay more than you should for a properly comfortable home.

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Causes of Low Air Flow in Your Heater

Monday, February 8th, 2016

Your heating system may not see as much use as your air conditioning system here in Hammond, LA, but it still has to hold the line on our chilly nights, and when it runs into problems, you need to treat them just as swiftly as you do your air conditioning. Take the question of low air flow, for instance. It doesn’t sound like a huge deal – the air from your furnace simply moves through your home more slowly – but in fact it can spell big trouble. Not only does it take longer for your heater to do its job, raising your monthly bills and increasing stress on the system to boot, but if the hot air isn’t moving, then it will likely just sit in your heater: raising the temperature of internal components and running the risk of a serious breakdown. If you detect low air flow in your heater, shut it off and call in a service professional immediately. The causes are varied, but can include the following.

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