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Why Get an Energy Audit Before Purchasing a Generator?

If you’re in the market for a new generator, you might want to consider getting an energy audit before making the purchase. We know, there are a lot of misconceptions about energy audits that they’re only for businesses or major buildings and not for homes—but that couldn’t be further from the truth. There are several different types of home generators that could work for you, but your electrical systems might be too much for the generator you’re about to buy. How can you tell if that might happen?

Bingo! An energy audit will give a complete survey of how much energy you consume, as well as what systems are using the most and what devices you might consider not worth powering in the event that there’s a power outage. Overall, you might see yourself saving quite a bit of money after the whole process is finished, rather than get the wrong type of generator fitter for your house to only get stuck constantly calling for generator repair in Hammond, LA.

What Exactly Is an Energy Audit?

An energy audit will help you list out exactly what is using energy in your house and precisely how much energy your appliances are using. This will help you organize exactly what you need to keep running when a generator kicks in, as well as highlight some areas that you never thought could be draining your energy costs. Perhaps you’re stuck buying a larger generator for appliances that you didn’t even think were running your energy costs up.

If you’re looking for a whole house generator, this is valuable information to have in terms of what kind of generator and how much power you’ll need from it. Once you’ve listed exactly what appliances you’ll want to run with how much power they’ll need to operate, you can run the numbers by a technician and get exactly what you’re looking for!

What Can Go Wrong?

It might seem like something you can do on your own just by looking at labels and counting your appliances, but you’d be surprised how much a miscalculation can cost you. Think about it this way, a poorly conducted energy audit could mean the failure of your whole house generator at the moment you really need it. What’s the point of a generator if it’s going to break down the moment your conventional power source stops?

Wouldn’t you rather have the peace of mind, knowing that the numbers have been crunched and you’ve planned accordingly for the next power outage? Not only that, but you can choose the precise generator and pay the exact amount for fuel that your budget requires. No more surprises on your energy bill because you forgot about certain appliances that run and no more failed generators that can’t handle your home.

It’s not rocket science, it’s just what comes with a well-timed energy audit. If you’re looking for both an energy audit and a whole house generator, we’ve got you covered.

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